REVIEW: We Will Survive finale bares how friendship helps us stand the worst in life

Who would have thought they really had survived?

Wilma (Pokwang) and Maricel (Melai Cantiveros) embodied what we all desire in friendship—being there for each other, not only in times of great joy but most especially in times of hardship and misfortune.

But through it all, they all endured and celebrated together. And, what could best mark these incredible #UltimateFriendshipGoals than actually walking the aisle with their respective beaus at the same ceremony, hearing the celebrant’s message of strength and fortitude through life’s difficult moments in their journeys and still arrive at their intended destination.

Surely it wasn’t a smooth ride for both friends, who faced gargantuan personal odds just to find a way to survive. Yet they found solace and inspiration in each other to triumph.

It was quite moving to hear them talk about it before their double wedding as they looked for their wedding gowns in the closet. As wonderfully expressed by Wilma, she might have been on the losing end most of the time, but the strength she found in Maricel’s numerous ordeals as an OFW, and herself facing hurtful moments and still stand up and survive in the end, inspired her to gather her own strength and exultantly face her own troubles.

The series had this fitting final message. Bearing and eventually succeeding to hurdle these challenges in life not only takes your own fight and will power to overcome, it also takes friendship and support from people around you and close to you to really seal that victory.

And this was exceptionally presented in the series, as directors Jeffrey Jeturian and Mervyn Brondial effectively reached in the impressive storyline to effect the impact of friendship. Not only was it a feel-good comedy drama, it became an inspirational guide to see us through the rain.

Pokwang and Melai Cantiveros really exhibited their previously untapped thespic brilliance, particularly in shifting from those light and fun moments to those burdensome and pitiful encounters. Carlo Aquino further proved his stature as among the prime actors of his generation by his profound portrayal of Pocholo, the man who simply and sincerely loved Maricel with all his heart.

This is definitely one afternoon delight we’ll sorely miss but will definitely remembered for its enjoyable and amusing approach to serious, heart-rending intricacies of life we can surmount.