Jeric Raval: From Action to Drama to Comedy?
One would always associate the name Jeric Raval (real name: Ricardo Buensuceso) with action films, leather jacket, faded jeans, guns, and the likes of Eddie Garcia and Lito Lapid. He, after all, is an action icon of the 90s.

His breakthrough movie was "Alyas Ninong: Huling kilabot ng Tondo," which was topbilled by no other than Eddie Garcia, in 1992. This was followed by lead roles in “Kalabang Mortal Ni Baby Ama” (1991), “Boboy Salonga: Batang Tondo” (1992), “Estribo Gang: The Jinggoy Sese Story” (1992), and a whole lot more. As the movie industry took a different turn, the spotlight’s focus on the "Prince of Hard Action" also subsided. 
While away from the camera, he spent more time with his wife and five kids in Pampanga. He explored the buy & sell business and even tried his hand on construction by supplying roofs and paints. He still did action-themed movies but with those that are independently produced.

In 2014, the action star tried his hand on some heavy drama through the Philippines' longest running drama anthology Maaalala Mo Kaya.” In an interview, he confessed: "Medyo nakakapanibago kasi more on acting e. Pati sa bihis." He played the role of Arnold, stepfather of Juan Karlos Labajo in the biopic of the "The Voice Kids" finalist in September 2014. A year later, he played the role of the mastermind of a crime syndicate that's training kids to do the dirty work for them in an episode of MMK. The said story featured Zaijian Jaranilla as Rusty Quintana, the streetkid who was able to turn his life around and graduate from a prestigious university.
Maalaala Mo Kaya: Picture (September 2014)

Maalaala Mo Kaya: Sketch Pad (June 2015)

This year, the action movie star turned drama actor explored the world of teleseryes through the show "We Will Survive" topbilled by Melai Cantiveros and Pokwang. He plays the role of Edwin, the town heartthrob and dad of cute little Anya (Jana Agoncillo).

We Will Survive: Meet Edwin & Anya!

In a recent episode of "It's Showtime," we found out that he actually dreamt of becoming a rapper and comedian—a path he may after all land back into.

It's Showtime: Jeric Raval raps

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