“Walang Hanggang Kamustahan” with Angelica, Paulo, Arci, and Zanjoe

Newest Kapamilya series Walang Hanggang Paalam wowed the viewers with an impressive pilot episode featuring heart-stopping action scenes plus sentimental and raging encounters among the show’s key players.

The September 28 episode opens with Emman (Paulo Avelino) trying to impede his colleague (Jake Cuenca)’s money heist attempt. But his moral act only leads him to trouble. The two actors delivered a truly intense action scene matched with a compelling cinematography.



Wrongfully accused, Emman spends years behind bars, breaking his relationship with wife, Celine (Angelica Panganiban), and taking his moments with son, Robbie (Robbie Wachtel).  

Three years passed, Emman, now a free man, works as a staff in a hotel and resort in the province of Alcala. Again, he spends a few hours in jail after engaging in a brawl against a guy at the resort in an attempt to save the harassed female guest. Emman’s character is established as a principled man.

He brims with excitement as he finally reunites with Celine and Robbie for the latter’s seventh birthday celebration. At this point in the story, viewers will learn that Celine is already engaged to her new boyfriend, Anton (Zanjoe Marudo), who has violent tendencies. He would engage in a brawl at the gym upon learning that Emman spent the night at Celine and Robbie’s hotel room. He also tries to convince her to cut ties with her ex-husband. 

A happy reunion happens between the father and son. However he tries to hide his feelings, Emman still longs for Celine and he still wishes to keep his family together. A series of flashback scenes shows Emman and Celine’s love story. She was his angel, the rescuer who inspired his survival after an emergency accident. They fell in love and built a family. There was a hint of suppressed emotions as Emman and Celine look back on their happy days. 



While the father and son wander around the place, Emman notices a mystery guy lurking around. Later, as he prepares for a ride going to the restaurant, Emman receives a call from Celine, reporting about Robbie’s disappearance. Emman catches a sight of the mystery man who turns out to be his former colleague. Emman attempts to run after the abductors and save his beloved son.

To mark the pilot week of Walang Hanggang Paalam, the cast engages in an interactive show aired during live commercial gaps on Kapamilya Online Live. The lead stars express their pride over the spectacular pilot episode shot in the midst of the pandemic. Angelica says it feels overwhelming to see the successful outcome of their hard work, considering that the teleserye is a product of “new normal” tapings.



It was challenging but the output indeed turns out amazing when everyone is committed to their craft. Paulo Avelino gives props to the geniuses working off-cam for producing well-crafted scenes despite the shooting restrictions.   



The cast didn’t have the luxury of time for workshops. Getting used to the 5-month lockdown ‘break’ added more to the challenge. Nonetheless, seasoned actors like them know how to work on the acting requirements on the spot, which is why Paulo and Angelica’s chemistry was strong and deep. They last worked together in the Star Cinema movie “The Unmarried Wife” in 2016. Meanwhile, Angelica was last paired with Zanjoe Marudo via daytime series Playhouse in 2018.

Fans still anticipate the appearance of Arci Munoz in the upcoming episodes. While she’s simply an audience that night, Arci is amazed by her co-actors’ performances. 

The intense pilot is a clear sign that ABS-CBN is taking on a successful entry to the new digital era of storytelling. Angelica adds that she hopes this victorious outcome lives on. 

Don’t miss an episode of Walang Hanggang Paalam weeknights on the Kapamilya Channel and the next airing of the live gap show Walang Hanggang Kamustahan on Friday, October 2, on Kapamilya Online Live