Watch Paulo Avelino’s finest, most versatile TV portrayals

An actor worthy of his salt makes sure to always be on his toes while not running out of surprises. This is how Paulo Avelino evolved as an artist over the years – flawless, versatile, and always up for new challenges. Marvel at his acting brilliance in this montage showing ten of his most laudable teleserye performances.

Seasoned by passion and experience, Paulo has become so confident in his talent he’s not afraid to move out of his comfort zone. The thirst to explore his artistic genius is evident in his portrayal of unconventional, multifaceted characters.

In the classic 2012 series Walang Hanggan, the actor earned raves for his gripping performance as Nathan – the villain/rival with psychotic tendencies. His strong charisma captured hearts in an instant. But as the story progressed, we witnessed Paulo’s flawless transition from good to terrifying and dangerous.

He’s lauded for the scenes that magnified his inflamed psychopathy, obsession with Katerina (Julia Montes), vicious attempt to work on Daniel (Coco Martin)’s downfall, and family confrontation scenes that also illuminated his impactful acting prowess.

Paulo even took his talent to a new level by playing Eric in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. He took on another multifaceted character, a serial killer with mental issues developed from trauma over his parents’ murder. This time, Paulo even showed a different side of him by sharing a sidesplitting comedy scene with Pepe Herrera.

Paulo targeted Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin)’s downfall to avenge a sibling killed in a police operation. To infiltrate his enemy’s territory, the silent killer donned an alter-ego, Erwin, a person with autism. He befriended Alyana (Yassi Pressman), who introduced him to Cardo and his family. As soon as he got along with everyone, Eric started to hatch his murderous plans while continually feigning innocence and a mental disorder that helped him win the Dalisay family’s sympathy.

Paulo’s guesting on the show might be good for just a month but his effective, exceptional performance left a lofty impact. The sheer force in his eye expressions combined with manly charisma amplifies even more his already brilliant acting talent.

He delivers even in intense, heavy drama projects. It was by sharing the screen with Jericho Rosales and Maja Salvador in Bridges of Love that he proved his niche as a top-notch dramatic actor. 

Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon likewise brought out Paulo’s knack for drama and captivating manly appeal. He played the charming chocolatier Patrick, caught up in the rivalry of sisters Rose (Bea Alonzo) and Zsa Zsa (Maricar Reyes). In this series, Paulo proved he has a good grasp of romance and making viewers feel ‘kilig.’

Paulo also made us swoon as Ritz Azul’s leading man in The Promise of Forever as an immortal man Lorenzo, who proved love is eternal. It was another highlight of his sincere, captivating flair for romance.

Paulo doesn’t mind playing Daddy roles onscreen. After all, he has personal experiences to take ‘hugots’ from. He was cast in the values-oriented family drama Honesto as the titular character’s biological father Diego Layer.

He also stunned with a riveting, action-packed performance opposite Angel Locsin in The General’s Daughter. He portrayed Franco, whose devotion to their rebel-syndicate group is gradually shaken because of his feelings for Rhian (Angel Locsin). In this series about the clash of morals and emotions, Paulo shined best in the action-fuelled scenes and even in the silent moments when he can’t verbalize the frustrations of being a son who’s not good enough.

Versatility and, well, good looks are considered Paulo’s biggest assets as an actor. He’s blessed with an undeniable spell that when fuelled by passion and thespic brilliance makes him a total standout. He’s the grounded superstar, the leading man of your dreams.

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