Be amazed by Zanjoe Marudo’s golden moments as an actor!

With his tall-dark-and-handsome appeal and excellent acting chops, Zanjoe Marudo is the epitome of an effective dramatic leading man! In this video, we collated ten of his most notable teleserye moments that prove his versatility and award-worthy talent as an actor.

In 2018, Zanjoe filled our mornings with sunshine and kilig as Marlon in Playhouse. While it was just feel-good on most days, there are also eventful and melodramatic moments in the love story of Marlon and Patty (Angelica Panganiban).

One of the most unforgettable is the time Marlon tried to convince his ex-wife that they are still worth a second shot. In that scene, Zanjoe put on just the right blend of yearning, pain, and frustrations while begging for another chance. The same ‘feels’ but only a bit more dramatic was also delivered in that hospital scene where Marlon confessed his feelings to an unconscious Patty.

In 2016, the hit afternoon soap Tubig at Langis also put on spotlight its lead actor’s dramatic brilliance. Proving his impact on the audience, Zanjoe remarkably delivered in an intense and trending scene where he dropped the now-iconic lines “Ako to, si Natoy na mahal na mahal ka.” Tears and pain likewise overflowed in that climactic event where Clara (Cristine Reyes) discovered Natoy (Zanjoe)’s betrayal, leading up to their separation. Zanjoe gave his thespic best in those drama heavy moments.

By the time Natoy was starting to pay for his mistakes, Zanjoe gave out moving performances, internalizing guilt, sufferings, pain and regrets. Caught up in the endless drama of two females, effectively portrayed by Cristine and Belle Daza, Zanjoe managed to depict both masculinity and weakness in his character.

Zanjoe played another father role in the inspirational drama My Dear Heart where he cried buckets over his onscreen daughter’s delicate heart condition. Zanjoe effectively portrayed a father’s unconditional love for his daughter, making a strong, genuine connection between them. One truly heartbreaking moment was when he begged the child not to follow the light which represents the doors to heaven. Also making it to the list is his confrontation with his ex-girlfriend, played by Ria Atayde, after learning what happened to their love child.

Zanjoe’s top ‘Pang-Best Actor’ Moment,’ so far, is playing a father afflicted with a mental disorder called schizophrenia in Maalaala Mo Kaya’s “Anino” episode. As Victor began to suffer from his condition, Zanjoe didn’t have much line to utter but his facial expressions and actions were enough to depict the pain and burden carried by the character.

Which one is your favorite best actor moment of Zanjoe?

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