KChat Ria Markus Gian Viral Scandal

Fans of Viral Scandal keep their fingers crossed for truth and justice to prevail in the end. Even on its road to finale, the show continues to engage viewers who find something relatable in the characters.

Ria Atayde as Atty. Laura, one of Rica (Charlie Dizon)’s supporters, learned through her character to “continue fighting the good fight kahit maraming balakid.” She added, “Kahit maraming ibato sa’yo, it’s always going to be worth it.”

Joining her in this episode of Kapamilya Chat are Markus Paterson and Gian Magdangal, both playing bad guys in the series. Even a kontrabida like Gian’s Bobby Ramones also brought audiences a sense of familiarity. He said his character has a lot of issues, as all of us. In his case, the issues weren’t addressed well due to lack of healthy relationships, “Lahat ng tao may pinagdadaanan. Hindi natin alam kung ano ‘yung sira na sa loob natin. Hindi tayo aware lalo na if we’re not in a good support system.”

Markus, on the other hand, is aware of how much his Jigs Ramones is hated. So he’d rather focus on what he picked up as an actor, which is to root for his character, however bad, in order to portray it well.

As for Ria, the lesson she got as an actress, which also doubled as a challenge, is how to tone down her acting. She did it with the help of their collaborative directors. She said the goal was to make Atty. Laura appear composed despite the tsunami of emotions inside.

Talking about challenge, Markus recalled filming the rape scene with Charlie on their first day of shooting, “parang walang moment of getting to know, getting comfortable with each other.” It’s also a challenge saying some of his lines because he’s not a horrible person like Jigs. Same goes for Gian, who’s a total opposite of Bobby. He said collaboration helped polish their portrayals.

They went on to share their experiences working with the other cast members, starting off with Charlie, Ria’s good friend since Parasite Island, their series before the pandemic. She said of her, “She has so much heart. She poured so much of herself into Rica Sikat. As a co-actor it’s nice to be around somebody that generous, that open, and also willing to collaborate with you.”

Markus seconded, “She’s very committed to this role. It drained her but she didn’t give up.” He first met Charlie in a workshop back in 2016. Gian also has nothing but good words for Charlie’s meaty portrayal. He said the bubbly girl in real life transforms into a completely different person on camera, “Where did that come from? You can see the hard work and commitment she’s put into this from the start until the very end. It’s very admirable. Nakaka-inspire for a lot of actors and actresses who watch her.”

Meanwhile, Jake Cuenca imparted a lot of lessons to his co-stars acting-wise. His long-time friend Ria shared, “Working with Jake Cuenca, maiintindihan mo kung bakit siya nagtagal sa industriya at kung bakit siya tinitingala ng mga tao. Hindi siya nang-iiwan. Captain of the ship namin siya. Tutulungan niya kami at hindi siya bumibitaw.”

Gian dreamed of working with Jake the moment he first saw him act on stage and he’s glad Viral Scandal made it happen, “To play his brother pa, I really felt so blessed to be able to work with someone like him. He’s so collaborative. You will learn a lot. It’s really a good learning experience working with Jake.”

Ria further emphasized that everyone on the show was passionate and a team player. The work doesn’t end when cameras stop rolling, as if they’re students doing assignments after school, “Feeling ko para kaming nasa college dorm.” Together they’d do readings and discuss the script after taping.

Ria continued to share trivia bits about her co-stars. She said they discovered that Aljon Mendoza is the most “matakaw” and Jameson Blake may be quiet at first but he doesn’t stop once he starts talking. Maxene Magalona educates them about mental health “parang may libre kaming therapy.”

Ria looked back on a funny moment when racing enthusiasts Jake and Miko Raval watched a tournament on their phones and hugged as their bets won. And if you notice Jake and Markus love wearing football jerseys, Gian said it’s because they’re good football players in real life.

Watching them banter and spill their co-stars’ fun secrets, we can say bubble life had turn them into family. And they hope to sustain their good relationship after the series ends. “I trust in the friendship that we’ve built na we will survive,” said Ria, echoing Markus and Gian’s thoughts, all three of them feeling extra ‘sepanxed’ during the interview.

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