Viral Scandal stars Markus Paterson and Vance Larena on dealing with bashers

Viral Scandal actors Markus Paterson and Vance Larena sat with Kapamilya Chat to talk about their characters in the series, working with the powerhouse cast, and their views about social media usage.

In the recent episodes of Viral Scandal, Markus’ Jigs Ramones angered viewers as he owned up to covertly recording his sexual encounter with Rica played by Charlie Dizon. The actor himself feels the same amount of ‘gigil’ towards Jigs but he can’t judge his character. He said actors must understand than condemn their characters’ motives.  In the coming episodes, Jigs and Archie (Vance) will also have their own conflict as the latter makes a reckless decision that will affect the people involved in the viral scandal.

Markus and Vance first met on the set of “Dead Kids” and they became instant brothers. Their closeness grew more while doing Viral Scandal since they’re roommates.

Asked about working with other cast members, the two had nothing but words of praises and admiration. Starting with Jake Cuenca, they described the actor as motivational and inspiring. They said Jake is one of the best people to run to for acting advice because he never gets tired of talking about his craft. He studies the whole script by heart, thus he can also give insights about the other characters and it’s a big help for the younger actors.

Dimples Romana has the same vibe but only motherly. When talking about Dimples, Vance is reminded of the word “love” because of the warmth she gives off. Dimples makes them feel at home and cared for.

They praised Joshua Garcia’s passion for acting, saying the ‘celebrity’ status is just a bonus to him. Same words of admiration were said about Charlie, whom they called hardworking and a warrior. She grinds like a warrior that no matter how difficult and draining her role is, she finishes every scene with a smile. Markus added he met Charlie during a Star Magic workshop back in 2016 and she remains the same girl – humble yet fearless. The fact that she’s slaying her role that requires a different level of boldness speaks so much about her.

As a progressive teleserye, Viral Scandal tackles issues that are otherwise considered too sensitive for a primetime show including the importance of sex education among the youth. Asked their views about this, Markus and Vance shared the same opinion that such a delicate but vital topic needs to be addressed both at home and school.

Markus said the school plays an important role in informing kids about it since every family has different communication styles at home; other parents may not feel comfortable talking about sex with their kids. But, speaking as a father, Markus thinks parents must be willing to share their insights to their children.

Another issue infused in the series is the damaging effects of bashing. Vance used to clap back at the haters but now he keeps quiet to be a good influencer.

Markus, on the other hand, never entertained the naysayers. He even laughs reading their comments. As an artist, he learned to embrace bashing as part of his job but that’s a sad thing to say. After all, bashing is neither a right nor a privilege. “It’s wrong and people shouldn’t feel so liberated online. They shouldn’t feel the right to bring someone down emotionally online. It’s disappointing for us as a country that it’s such an okay thing.” He added that there’s nothing wrong with speaking up as long as no one’s hurt in the process.

As a piece of advice to social media users especially the youth, Vance keeps it simple: “Use it responsibly.” Related to his character in Viral Scandal, he said people must be careful not just online, more so, in making decisions in real life because one wrong choice can create a domino effect.

Markus maintained that respect is a basic principle, “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” But, there are also kinds of hate that artists love seeing like the ‘gigil’ comments Markus reads about his performance in Viral Scandal, goes to show that he’s nailing the character.

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