Kapamilya React Viral Scandal Pilot

To say that Viral Scandal’s pilot week was explosive is an understatement. Not only it showcased the dramatic brilliance of today’s biggest stars, but it also boldly took the spotlight on social issues otherwise considered too fragile for a primetime series. Netizens are hooked in a second, check out their amused and ‘gigil’ reactions in this edition of Kapamilya React.

The internet noted the realistic scenarios infused in the storyline. First, it subtly portrayed how gossip can destroy a person’s self-image in that scene where Rica (Charlie Dizon) called out her female officemates for bashing another girl dancing in the club. Even viewers can’t help but burn all the “Marites'' out there. A reactor opposed, “Nagsaway lang, malandi na?” Charlie’s Rica Sicat is lauded for the courage to support the female pack when she said women should lift each other. Someone commented, “Hinahangaan ko talaga itong si Rica – strong, empowered woman!”

The shindig was followed by Rica’s biggest nightmare. The scene suggests that she was brought by Jigs (Markus Patterson) in a hotel room and was sexually assaulted. But some netizens are creating their theories that Jigs had other accomplices or Rica was possibly drugged. “Parang hindi naman si Jigs ang lumapit sa kanya, may kasabwat kaya?” “Hindi kaya may nilagay sa drinks ni Rica kaya madali siyang nalasing?”

The act was recorded in a video that spread like wildfire across Rica’s workplace, their small town, and even to Pinoys overseas, much to the dismay of her OFW mother, Kakay (Dimples Romana). Spectators share the same opinion about Kakay and Rica’s reunion scene, praising the deeply affecting emotions and line delivery. Somebody said, “Itong eksenang ito, pinatunayan ni Charlie na deserving siyang maging bida sa isang teleserye.” They said Dimples’ sentiments as an upset mother travelled through the screens, specifically at that point wherein Kakay covered Rica with a shawl after the latter’s rape confession.

Telling his side of the story to the press, Jigs tried to save his reputation by claiming that he and Rica love each other, thus the act was made with consent. In the middle of the interview, Jigs received a violent jab from Mayor Troy (Jake Cuenca), who was extremely furious over what happened to his daughter. Jake was lauded for his believable take on a father role, “’Yung emosyon ni Jake Cuenca! Talagang ramdam mo ang pagiging tatay niya.” Markus, on the other hand, didn’t get sympathy from the viewers, “Deserve niya ‘yung sapak!

Watching this scene, netizens expressed disappointment over the existence of rape culture. “Pinalakpakan at pinuri si Jigs pero si Rica, hinusgahan.” “Dalawang tao ang nasa video pero bakit puro sa babae ang panghuhusga?”

But, no matter how dark this season may be for Rica and even if they know there are much more controversies, lies, and challenges to come, netizens have faith in her strength. A viewer said, “Palaban si Rica! Alam kong malalampasan niya ito!”

What was your reaction to Viral Scandal’s pilot week, Kapamilya?

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