Karina Viral Scandal Friendship

It may have been months already since Viral Scandal bade farewell on air, but its ensemble cast have delightfully maintained their tight bond even beyond the camera – as seen in the photos and vlogs of their bonding moments that they post online.

And in the September 22 episode of Hotspot, Kapamilya actress Karina Bautista talked about their unbreakable friendship. When asked by host DJ Jhai Ho what could be the reason why they clicked with one another, she retorted, “I think, kasi after [Viral Scandal], hindi namin hinayaan mawala ‘yong communication at ‘yong connection, na talagang dinala namin ‘yong pagiging family namin.”

She added that they were also able to find similarities in their differences, as well as being each other’s guide and supporter as they go through life and their careers. They may come from various generations, yet it didn’t hinder them from sharing and being able to relate with each other’s problems.

Since she’s living away from her family, Karina is able to find an ate and mother figure in Dimples Romana. At the same time, she and their other castmates are also there to keep Dimples from getting lonely as her firstborn and unica hija Callie is currently is Australia to pursue her studies as an aspiring pilot.

Charlie, on the other hand, stands as a big sister-slash-mini manager for Karina, as she never fails to give her valuable advices, may it be in life, work, or her everyday makeup at work. In return, she’s also willing to listen to everything that Charlie would share to them, especially about the things that make her happy and kilig.

When asked how she’s going to describe their friendship, the Pinoy Big Brother Otso alumna iterated, “’Yong friendship talaga namin, I think, is para talaga siyang family. No one gets left behind kasi kahit si Louise, si Kuya [Miko Raval], as in pati ‘yong mga directors namin ng Viral Scandal before, talagang… kahit ‘pag pamilya kasi, kapag malayo, ‘pag maraming trabaho, paminsan hindi mo na makakausap. Pero once na kapag napagsama-sama ang mga ‘yan, parang nando’n pa rin talaga ‘yong love sa bawat isa at nando’n ‘yong constant pangungumusta.”

She further disclosed that they never get into any fight nor misunderstanding, nor she received a reprimand from her older castmates, because they have always been honest with one another. Besides, she could open up to Dimples sans judgment, as the seasoned actress would instead listen and give advice without imposing it. The same goes for Charlie and their on-screen father Miko, who also serves as big brother to her.

But before she’s able to reach the level of closeness that she has with them at present, Karina confessed that she was initially distant with them during the first two weeks of the first cycle of their lock-in taping, which was brought by the anxiety and trauma she obtained after joining PBB. However, she realized that not opening up to them could mean passing up the opportunity to have good friends, good opportunities, and good connections.

“If you’re not gonna open up yourself to the world, parang hindi rin ibibigay ng mundo ‘yong dapat na para sa’yo. So, you’re keeping your blessings away from you kasi hindi mo pa tinatanggap. So, kung masaktan ka, at least alam mo na nag-open up ka, you really love the people na minahal mo, mas maganda naman ang balik no’n,” she expounded, adding that we should only trust the people who we want to become friends with and not assume that they would hurt us.