Viral Scandal Confrontation Scenes

Will the scorching confrontations on Viral Scandal finally subside in the finale week?

While the raved series bravely tackles sensitive issues surrounding society, it can’t be helped that varied discussions arise, sometimes leading to huge arguments. This reality is exemplified by the show’s characters who are all fighting for either their rights, family, reputation, or power. 

Delivered by skilled stars such as Charlie Dizon, Dimples Romana, Kaila Estrada, Jake Cuenca, Miko Raval, Maxene Magalona, Markus Paterson and Joshua Garcia, here are 15 of the most heated confrontations in Viral Scandal listed in this Kapamilya Toplist. 

The Sicat Family has gone through so much after Rica (Charlie) was victimized by Jigs (Markus) and dragged through a scandal. Her sister Bea (Karina Bautista) couldn’t help, but go against Rica and her parents Kakay (Dimples) and Dan’s (Miko) advice to avoid fights with others about Rica’s incident. Wanting to be brave like her sister, Bea stood her ground despite her family reprimanding her. 

As a mother, Kakay cares deeply for her family and will go through lengths to protect them, even if it means going against Mayor Troy Ramones (Jake), Rica’s biological father. Upon finding out that Troy asked her daughter to lie and revealed one of Kakay’s deepest secrets to Atty. Laura Dizon (Ria Atayde) even if it was for Rica’s sake, Dimples served Troy a slap to the face. 

Raven Ramones (Kaila) has her own battles against Rica. She couldn’t believe that her cousin Jigs Ramones (Markus) could ever sexually harass a person so she went after Rica and labelled her as a liar that wanted to ruin Jigs and his family’s life for fame or money. Rica, of course, didn’t let this pass and threw the truth at Raven’s face. 

Rica also confronted Archie Soliman (Vance Larena), Jigs’ former friend who had a hand at the whole scandal. Regardless of the guilt he felt for causing Rica and other victims so much pain, Rica only expressed boiling anger and disgust for Archie leaking her and various other women’s videos without consent just because he wanted to take revenge on Jigs. 

The Ramones family burned with internal fights as well. Raven, who has had enough with her dad Troy protecting his other daughter Rica despite being a Ramones, confronted him and blamed him for her mom Audrey (Maxene) going berserk. Troy, on the other hand, explains that Audrey was the one starting the fight, making Raven feel that Troy is choosing the Sicat family over them, his legitimate family.  

As Troy tries to side with the truth and right, he had to go against his nephew Jigs for the grave wrongs he has done. When he saw him trying to talk with his daughter Raven, he immediately cast him away, fearing that he’ll involve her in his ploys. 

Raven, though, doesn’t stop badmouthing Rica even in their workplace. While speaking her mind out loud, their boss Kyle (Joshua) overheard, quickly shut her down, and asked her to leave. 

Back at home, Raven also faces her own demons with her mother Audrey’s looming insults. After being ridiculed as a failure and disappointment, Raven knew she could never please her mom and finally talked back to let all her frustrations out. 

Audrey’s heated face-offs with Kakay are hard to count. With Kakay being a former lover of Audrey’s husband Troy, she couldn’t brush off the urge to antagonize Kakay. Kakay tried to ignore, but after Audrey’s relentless pestering, she rolled up her sleeves and put up a fight with the mayor’s wife. 

Kyle and Axel (Jameson Blake), while both allies of Rica, have their own disagreements on helping Rica. Kyle believes he should do everything he can for Rica, while Axel doesn’t want Kyle to treat her like a damsel in distress, believing that Rica can fully stand up for herself. 

Jigs’ father Bobby Ramones (Gian Magdangal) sparked a brawl with Troy because of how their family and reputation is hanging by a thread, leading to a major physical altercation. Troy stands firm on the side of the truth, even if it’s his own family he has to go against.  

Bobby, fueled with anger, claps back at Troy with a revelation that will tear him apart – his wife Audrey had an affair with Bobby. Audrey tried to repair things with Troy, but Troy couldn’t move past the fact that Audrey slept with his brother, of all people. 

Archie and Jigs’ friendship was beyond repair after they both betrayed each other – Jigs harming Archie’s girlfriend and Archie revealing the truth about Jigs. Jigs, with his family’s power, beat up Archie and threatened his life. While Archie laughed it off, it later led to his death. 

Troy fiercely continued with his fight for justice by confronting his own father, Cong. Alberto Ramones (Jong Cuenco), who is one of the people behind covering up the vile hidden secrets of the Ramones family, including the murder of Archie. 

Rica and her boyfriend Kyle are also encountering issues of their own. While Rica has her own fight for justice, so does Kyle, which is unveiling the truth about his father’s death. After seemingly linking Rica’s biological father Troy to the issue, he tried to open Rica’s mind to the possibility that Troy might not be telling the whole truth. Rica felt otherwise and was hurt that Kyle would jump to such conclusions about Troy, whom Rica has found to trust. 

More intense events and clashes will be revealed in the Viral Scandal series finale happening this week. Don't miss it on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, TV5, Kapamilya Online Live on ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel and Facebook page, and iWantTFC on weeknights.