Toplist Rica & Kyle Kilig Viral Scandal

Our weeknight primetime viewing has indeed gone scorching and gripping because of the controversial narrative to which the well-loved primetime series Viral Scandal revolves around.

But amidst the scorching confrontations and intense dramatic scenes that we witness every night, there are still other elements of the show that make us smile and kilig. One of them is the continuously blooming relationship of its main characters Rica and Kyle, amazingly portrayed by Charlie Dizon and Joshua Garcia. Before we bid farewell to them this week, let’s reminisce their wonderful journey to love, as well as their remarkable and sweet moments together in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

Those who have been watching the series would know that their paths first crossed when Kyle was able to prevent Rica from jumping off the Constantine Building after her scandal with Jigs Ramones (Markus Paterson) went viral online, which got her extremely depressed. She then had the chance to return the favor to him when she’s able to save him from almost falling off the same structure as he tried to chase her scarf.

As Rica accepted his offer to work at his architectural firm, this made them even closer and went on to become friends, slimming the boundary between them. As time went by, they’ve developed special feelings towards each other, which they both tried to suppress and hide. And we’re to notice how their relationship has gone beyond being employee and employer as they began to care about one another – with Kyle accompanying Rica when her siblings had an emergency at home, and her taking good care of him after he got injured by a gunshot.

They eventually mustered the courage to confess to one another despite Rica’s fears and hesitations, and they became the sweetest yet laidback couple we’ve ever seen. Their relationship may have gone extra complicated because of the scandalous event in the past that links their lives, but they’ve been trying their best to not let that affect the genuine love they have for one another.

Are Rica and Kyle going to have a happily ever after? Let’s all find out by not missing the remaining episodes of Viral Scandal, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, iWantTFC, and TFC.