Toplist Kilig Moments Pogs & Bea

For sure, if not all, most of us had experienced the fun, excitement, and misery of young love. And those who have been watching Viral Scandal are surely able to reminisce about theirs while watching the adorable kulitan and relatable tampuhan moments of Pogs (Aljon Mendoza) and Bea (Karina Bautista), which provides a lighter mood to the already intense premise of the trending teleserye.

As the well-loved primetime series comes to an end this week, let's look back on 15 of the kilig-est moments of Pogs and Bea in this Kapamilya Toplist feature.

Those who have been watching this Kapamilya series would know how deeply in love Pogs is to Bea, who he fondly calls "Lalabs." Unfortunately, she had no feelings for him as her eyes were all on her then-crush Brax (Sky Quizon). 

Despite being consistently snubbed, this didn't discouraged Pogs from pursuing her by making sure to be by her side whenever she needed him – may it be as simple as assisting her in filming her vlogs and helping her Tatay Dan (Miko Raval) in his furniture workshop, to saving her from harm a lot of times and offering all the money he saved to her.

Indeed, Pogs doesn't seem to run out of things to do to make Bea feel his genuine love for her! 

While he's usually naughty, there were instances that Pogs gave Bea some reprimand she needed, specifically that moment when she rebuked and warned Brax that she would "out" him to the public after he confessed to her that he's actually gay. Pogs reminded her of the plight of her sister Rica (Charlie Dizon) who got involved in a controversial scandal. In the end, Bea was able to come to her senses and made amends with Brax, who teased them to finally 'fess up' about their real feelings for each other.

Aside from this, Pogs has also never failed to uplift the spirit of Bea through his unique ways. He has given her plenty of moral support and even lessons in life, which truly helped her be the better version of herself. 

It's definitely hard not to fall in love with Pogs, right? Thus, in the recent episodes, we're able to witness how Bea has finally mustered the courage to tell him that she loves him, too! 

Will Pogs and Bea be an item? We'll all find out by not missing an episode of Viral Scandal, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, and TV5.