Dimples Romana What’s In My Bag

Viral Scandal star Dimples Romana engaged viewers of her YouTube to a fun edition of her “What’s In My Bag Challenge” in this recently uploaded vlog.

Dimples first showed her small cream-colored kikay bag she claimed was inspired by the similarly looking one that Lily Collins carried on the Netflix series “Emily in Paris.” Inside the cute, miniature bag, Dimples understandably showed only a few items, such as her perfume and a small bottle of a popular analgesic oil brand.

Dimples then presented the actual bag she uses when she goes around town, or when she goes for a lock-in teleserye taping—a large rattan-made hobo bag created by Filipino artisans offered by her daughter Callie’s bag business, called Cal the Brand, wherein the premier actress places everything she needs wherever she goes. 

One by one, Dimples revealed what was inside her trusty large handbag. She first showed a smartphone and toy figures owned by her son Alonzo. Dimples then presented other items in the bag, including an embroidered handkerchief and a useful portable, foldable reflector cum diffuser she may need in sudden selfies or photo opportunities.

Surprisingly, Dimples revealed that she brings with her a 3D framed photo of her family all the time. She jokingly said that when she dines out, she just brings the picture frame out and places on the table for that homey feel. 

She also showed a book of poetry she always brings for inspiration. Other items included an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, eyeglasses, phone charger, net-based foot covers. She also had a pair of Airpods, contact lenses, jewelry, and a convenient container for her cards. 

Dimples also keeps a picture of daughter Callie in her bag, together with her power bank, some barley food supplement, face mask, facial cream, lipstick, her lucky wallet, some cash, scrunchies, and a pack of vitamins. She then showed a small Santo Nino figure gifted to her by a stranger at a church thankful for her assistance.

After displaying the keys to her condo and a pack of insurance cards from her bag, she then presented some items that made her wax sentimental. First a drawing with a touching note of love from Alonzo and a solo picture of Viral Scandal co-star Karina Bautista that she gave her when they packed up their lock-in taping.  At the back of the photo, Karina told her how much she treasured the times they spent together, including the words of advice she gave her and the food she shared with her among others.

Watch more of Dimples’ fun “What’s In My Bag Challenge” in this vlog. Catch Dimples as Kakay Sicat on Viral Scandal weeknights on the Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.