Dimples, Miko share favorite scenes, lesson learned from their characters in Viral Scandal

The happenings in Viral Scandal are getting more intense and more scorching as the well-loved series approaches its exciting finale a week from now. Thus, two of its stars Dimples Romana and Miko Raval graced the latest episode of Hotspot to talk about their unforgettable experiences and memories while working on the program.

Host DJ Jhai Ho commenced their conversation by asking them about their reaction on the warm and positive reception of the viewers to this project. Both of them are happy and grateful that their hardwork and good intentions in creating this magnificent masterpiece is appreciated ever since the pilot episode, despite being given a late timeslot. Besides, Dimples is also delighted to know that the audiences do not only focus on the stories of the headliners, but of the supporting characters as well.

When it comes to the most remarkable scenes of their characters, Dimples disclosed that it’s whenever the Sicat family is complete, regardless if it’s a dramatic or cheerful moment, especially when Charlie Dizon’s character Rica passed the licensure exam for architects. Miko, on the other hand, recalled how he turned emotional when the Sicat family left their former home.

As Miko was uttering his parting words for his character Dan and his thanks to their brilliant writers, it was revealed that they had finished filming Viral Scandal for five months. Dimples went on to heap praises to his compelling portrayal and exposed that he initially turned down the project twice, so the production heads really wooed him until he finally accepted it. Thus, he’s one of the last two characters to be filled in since they really wanted him to be part of the show.

The 37-year-old actress is also grateful to her character Kakay for turning her into a stronger woman and teaching her a lot of lessons in life through her experiences. She stated, “I’m really grateful to Kakay kasi ang dami kong natutunan sa kanya…The strength and the sacrifice, and just going through everyday life, embracing all the pretty things in life and still coming through because you have a family, like the Sicats, who will embrace you even through your imperfections. So, I’m very, very grateful. Saktong-sakto naman siya talaga.”

DJ Jhai Ho then asked for their messages to the other cast members, starting off with Louise Abuel, who plays the role of their bunso Nico. Miko revealed that he had learned a lot from him as an actor, as well as had fun hanging out with him while inside their bubble as they eventually turned into “bros.” On the other hand, Dimples already had a chance to work with him in a project many years ago, so she’s confident that he could pull off his scenes. Besides, she also related not seeing any other artist that could portray Nico than him.

For Karina Bautista, a.k.a. their middle child Bea, they both agreed that she used to be aloof in the early days of their lock-in taping, since they were also instructed not to mingle with her so much for her to really feel that she’s indeed left out. However, they found it difficult since she’s adorable, genuine, and fun-to-be-with, so she became her tatay’s “favorite.”

With regards to their onscreen firstborn, Miko confessed that he initially got pressured upon learning that he would work with her. But he went on to admire her personality, especially her being brutally honest, to which he’s also thankful for. Dimples, on the other hand, revealed that she actually wasn’t able to mingle with them in their first two lock-in tapings, but she highly appreciated it when Charlie supported her for the rest of their filming. At the same time, she’s also proud of how the award-winning actress inspired her to stand her ground, be stronger, and be sure of herself, especially in speaking her mind.

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