Dimples & Miko Viral Scandal The Sicats

Two of the most beloved characters in Viral Scandal, Kakay and Dan, played by Dimples Romana and Miko Raval, respectively, will leave a huge impact on the audience as the series approaches its finale. Truth is even the actors themselves had shifted viewpoints after portraying their roles.

Dimples acknowledged Kakay for teaching her to loosen up a bit. We see the Sicat matriarch as strong, someone who’d give a fight for her family. Yet she’s carefree and vulnerable. It’s exactly this calculation of emotions that Dimples will miss about the character. “Just the feel of balance between the characters… Iba kasi ‘pag artista ka and you’re trying to balance something, the giving and the taking away, just the control itself feels really good as an actor,” she said in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Even Miko’s Dan Sicat was created with balance. He’s the tough guy of the family yet the most patient, “Mag-iisip muna siya bago niya gawin ang isang bahay.” He’s many times been provoked yet managed to control his emotions.

Dimples and Miko were quick to work on their portrayals. There was no need to feel agitated. Instead, they’d laugh and crack jokes with their co-stars before taking a drama-heavy scene. Miko said Dimples taught them to study beforehand, so they’d feel extra relaxed pre-take.

The acting muscles can be credited to years of experience, even decades in Dimples’ case. But aside from that, the genuine bond of the Sicat family was a big help in mounting big scenes. The more they worked together, the more they developed camaraderie, as if they’re a real family rooting for each member to have their shining moments. Dimples calls it the magic of Viral Scandal, “Aminin mo, sobrang favorite nila ‘pag nagse-scene ‘yung Sicats kasi nga nagkakatimbangan ng energy at saka may respeto sa isa’t isa… It’s very intentional that when we do it, we have to be very giving to our co-actors.”  

Kapamilya Chat asked DanKay to describe their Sicat kids, beginning with Louise Abuel, whom they fondly call ‘bunso.’ For Miko, Louise is his “mini-me.” The way Nico (Louise’s character) admires his Tatay Dan in the series is akin to how Louise looks up to Miko in real life. He listens to him like an older brother.

Karina Bautista is their “favorite.” Miko said, and Dimples agreed, that the PBB alum was shy at first. Then she got more comfortable showing off her real bubbly side by second cycle. She’s honest and genuine. Miko smiled talking about how Karina makes even a sad story appear light and positive because she’s a genuinely happy girl.

Dimples calls Karina “dark horse.” Admittedly, they were extra hands-on with her in the beginning since she’s the less experienced. But they were blown away by her unexpectedly good performance.

On Charlie Dizon, Miko chose the word “intense” because she truly is, not just as an actress but as a person. She’s the no-filter girl in the group, always honest and sweet. Dimples added that Charlie’s real-life feistiness is one reason why Rica’s fighting spirit appeared believable and mesmerizing. Just like her character, Charlie is sensible and smart. You’d love every conversation with her.

The tandem went on to spill trivia bits about their co-stars. They said Maxene Magalona wakes up at 4am daily to meditate and exercise. Jake Cuenca brings a treadmill in the bubble. Markus Paterson and Jameson Blake often bond together. Kaila Estrada is so nurturing. Ria Atayde, being the daughter of Sylvia Sanchez, brings lots of food on the set. When not working, Joshua Garcia catches up on sleep. Karina makes good steak while Charlie and Louise make good coffee.

Dimples and Miko invited everyone to support Viral Scandal’s scandalous finale on May 13, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.