Jake Cuenca car raid

Just about two months since she shared her pasabog lunch date with her on-screen dad and Viral Scandal co-star Jake Cuenca through a vlog last July, Charlie Dizon posted another video with him on her YouTube channel, but this time, showing her surprise car raid on his awesome Jeep.

According to Charlie, it’s actually her dream car since she’s fond of square-type vehicles. However, as soon as she tried embarking to it, she jested that she already changed her mind as she found it difficult pulling herself up the driver’s seat. 

As she began checking its interiors, Jake imparted that this is actually a project of him and his dad, as well as his motorcycle, so he really considers it as his “baby.” She was further amazed when she learnt that it is a top-down, or the roof can be removed, but he hasn’t attempted doing it yet.

While he’s already fine with its sound system, he put a small screen on the driver’s area in order for him to easily use his preferred navigation apps. As they moved to the backseat, which can accommodate up to three persons, the Kapamilya actor showed her the backpack given to him by her “Fan Girl” leading man and his good friend Paulo Avelino. He jokingly remarked, “pambawi niya sa’kin ‘yan no’ng inayos ko ‘yong problema n’yong dalawa,” which made both of them burst into laughter.

Jake then allowed his on-screen daughter to also do an on-the-spot bag raid. Charlie was able to retrieve the script for a current project he’s doing, his notebook, ballpen, perfumes, powerbank, and cap. He also showed her the novel given to him by veteran actor Christopher de Leon, who’s the author as well, which tells the story of a female hitman. 

They proceeded to the back compartment, wherein his portable electric fan, taping chair, box of tissues, and tumbler. According to him, it’s his driver who is in-charge of packing his lock-in taping stuff, while it’s him who takes care of his costumes and scripts. 

She capped off the vlog by reiterating her wish to have her own Jeep, to which Jake manifested would come true in one year,  and telling the viewers that she hopes that they’re able to learn something new and interesting from this vlog that satisfied their curiosity, too.