5 times Charlie Dizon mesmerized viewers with her superb performance in Viral Scandal’s pilot week

Kapamilya star Charlie Dizon didn’t bag a much coveted dramatic accolade for nothing and soon she’ll be on the throne as her own queen. If you still need further convincing, check out this Friday 5 feature that rounds up her golden moments from the pilot week of every Pinoy viewer’s newest obsession, Viral Scandal. We tell you, there was never a second Charlie’s portrayal lacked luster!

We begin with the bar scene where Rica enjoyed the night dancing with friends and officemates. It wasn’t a big drama event but we can’t turn a blind eye to how Charlie painted the scene in resonating details. Her character, Rica, was fun and fearless but principled. And every move was ripe with just the right concoction of fierceness and fragility, then, the night grew to a crescendo of her biggest nightmare.

Struggling with a hazy vision, Rica passed out in the club and woke up to an unfamiliar room. Things escalated quickly as a video scandal spread like wildfire across the town of Sedero. Teamed with Charlie’s superb acting is the unconventional, modern construction of sequences that effectively builds suspense until Rica was the last person in the frame to take a glimpse of her own scandal.

Mad with all the noise and judging stares, Rica ran away and attempted suicide. Then, it cut to the trending mother-daughter scene of Charlie and Dimples Romana. There was overflowing sincerity as Rica faced her OFW mother, Kakay (Dimples), who just arrived home. In the beginning was heart-breaking silence as Kakay approached her daughter, careful not to trigger the obvious trauma and hurt.

Charlie’s emotions collapsed as she made her rape confession. It can’t be denied that Dimples’ organic acting also served as a catalyst for Charlie to bring out her best. Even with a lack of dialogue, Charlie made her pain appear so palpable that it was hard not to cry with her.

It was followed by a reunion at the Sicat abode. Supposed to be merry, their get-together turned emotionally painful as Rica arrived home looking traumatized and humiliated. Charlie didn’t say anything, just serving the viewers with her mesmerizing ability to cry right on cue. Then, the Sicat family, Dan (Miko Raval), Bea (Karina Bautista), and Nico (Louise Abuel) each delivered short lines before embracing Rica, whose subdued reaction was truly heartbreaking.

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