Friday 5 Viral Scandal explosive scenes

Ever since it began six months ago, Viral Scandal has indeed made our primetime viewing more scorching and exciting because of its refreshing and bold narrative, which also showcased the dramatic prowess of each of the cast. 

And before we finally bid farewell to the teleserye we all loved tonight, let’s look back on five of the most explosive acting moments of its ensemble that truly set the bar high in this episode of Friday 5!

Prior to filling our hearts with kilig, Rica (Charlie Dizon) and Kyle (Joshua Garcia) also had their share of quarrels, especially during the time when her sex scandal controversy was still fresh and new. Concerned by her well-being after she almost passed out during one of Balai Arkitektura’s night-outs, which was caused by the trauma and anxiety she was going through, he urged her to undergo therapy and seek professional help. However, she strongly objected the idea and declined his offer, telling him that she’s not a damsel in distress nor a fairytale princess who needs a knight-in-shining-armor to come and rescue her. She further lashed out at him, then broke down.
Aside from the scandal, another thing that troubled Rica was her half-sister Raven (Kaila Estrada), who considered her as rival not just in the affection of their father Troy (Jake Cuenca), but in the attention of Kyle as well, who she used to like too. Fueled by her rage, not to mention that she was also drunk, Raven scathingly attacked Rica at the Balai Arkitektura office, which ensued to an intense catfight between them. As a newcomer, Kaila was indeed lauded by the viewers in this scene because of how she’s able to showcase her effectiveness not only as a simple actress, but as a kontrabida.

Dimples Romana is also commended in her compelling portrayal of Kakay, the doting ilaw ng tahanan of the Sicat Family. She actually has a lot of dramatic scenes in this series and one of the scenes that pierced us the most was when Charlie’s character Rica confronted her about her decision not keep her away from her biological father Troy. She emotionally reminded her that although he’s been showing his support to her fight against his own family, and could give her a more comfortable life, Troy could surely not abandon them. Thus, she would never regret this choice she made as she doesn’t want her to experience the bad things she went through in the past as his mistress.

While the stellar headliners are able to astound us with their performances, the supporting cast also shone in this narrative. Karina Bautista indeed did a great job on being Rica’s “frienemy”-slash-younger sister Bea, who despite their misunderstandings still showed her love and support for her ate by protecting and consoling her during the challenging times. Her on-screen father Jake Cuenca was also able to make us feel the pain of Troy as he felt helpless with regards to his daughter’s case.

The mood in their office may often be light and jubilant, but the Balai Arkitektura team – comprised of Arielle Roces as Rose, Hasna Cabral as May, Heidi Arima as Ms. Gracia, Jessica Marco as Che, Aldrin Angeles as Chino, and Jameson Blake as Axel – were able to make us feel how affected and sad they also are because of what their colleague Rica was going through.
As one of the versatile dramatic actors of his generation and the lead stars, Joshua, of course, had many acting moments in this series, too! But what could have pierced our hearts the most was when he finally found out the truth behind the tragic death of his father Philip (Bart Guingona) many years ago. According to one of his friends, it wasn’t suicide, but someone actually pushed him in order to prevent him from exposing the anomalies behind a project he was involved in.

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