15 times Pogs hinted at his special feelings for Bea in Viral Scandal

Teenage love is full of excitement and vigor, so much that you’re going to chase it no matter what. That’s the kind of vibe we get from Pogs (Aljon Mendoza), the caring guy who has special feelings for his friend Bea (Karina Bautista) in the Kapamilya series Viral Scandal. As the story speeds from one intense happening to another, Pogs and Bea’s adorable scenes also serve as breather from all the nail-biting, extremely emotional drama. Check out 15 of their cutest encounters via this Kapamilya Toplist.

Pogs doesn’t minimize his time spent with Bea, making sure to make her smile every chance he gets. Especially when he senses her worries and fear, he’d try his best to soothe them. On the day of Rica (Charlie Dizon)’s case hearing, Pogs knew Bea was anxious so he surprised her with her favorite street food.

Lovestruck Pogs is Bea’s number one fan, so much so he would praise her awful cooking. Remember that scene wherein Bea burnt their dinner? Pogs eagerly ate the bitter, ashy piece of fish as if it’s the most delicious thing in the world. What about when he willingly acted as her videographer for her vlog? He wondered why Bea had to struggle looking for her best angle because, in his eyes, she’s stunning in every way.

For Pogs, Bea is a big part of his routine, so he will walk all the way across the next barangay just to see her. He volunteered as Dan (Miko Raval)’s apprentice at his furniture shop.  And one time, while trying to impress Bea with his skills, Pogs unwittingly called Dan ‘Tatay.’ Dan’s reaction was intimidating yet Pogs still managed to make ‘pa-cute’ because Bea was watching.

Orphaned at a young age, Pogs considers the Sicats as his own family as well. He’s even best friends with Bea’s brother, Nico (Louise Abuel), who jokingly calls him “bayaw.” Thus, everytime the Sicat family goes through challenges, Pogs is there to support, like when he helped save Kakay (Dimples Romana) from trolls targeting her live selling business. He received an unexpected hug from Bea as a reward for his kindness and loyalty.

There’s also a scene where Bea decided to skip classes to avoid interaction with the gossipmongers in campus. Pogs came to give a rundown of Bea’s schedule and requirements and convince her to go to school with him. The Sicats were impressed.

Despite his effort, Pogs still doesn’t get the affection he wishes to receive because Bea is in love with someone else. There’s Brax (Sky Quizon), the campus cutie whom Bea is so infatuated with. There’s a scene where Pogs insisted on paying for Bea’s ice cream, not knowing that it was for Brax.

Nonetheless, he stayed by Bea’s side, even just as a proxy while Brax was away.  Meddling with the two’s misunderstanding, Pogs, dressed like a movie heartthrob, confronted Brax. His decision didn’t sit well with Bea, who felt more embarrassed than happy, although it didn’t really affect their closeness

But just as Pogs thought he’s already close to winning Bea’s heart because of that instance when she asked him to walk beside her, Brax suddenly made a sweet move by giving Bea cake as a peace offering. Bea, of course, was so ecstatic that she asked Pogs to take a photo of her flaunting Brax’s special gift.

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