15 times Pogs and Nico made viewers smile with their cute friendship in Viral Scandal

Together, they slay enemies in mobile games. They protect and love the same people. Partners in crime, their hilarious antics make us laugh, but their loyalty to each other also warm our hearts. Aren’t Pogs (Aljon Mendoza) and Nico (Louise Abuel) friendship goals? Watch their most adorable, good vibes-inducing scenes in this Kapamilya Toplist from Viral Scandal.

Because every ‘bromance’ needs a secret handshake, Pogs and Nico sure have theirs, seen in the first clip. Afterwards, they talked about deleting Rica (Charlie Dizon)’s scandal from the internet. Pogs mentioned that he didn’t view the video and called out those who are watching it.

It proves that Pogs is like a family to the Sicats. Whatever trouble they face, they can always count on him for rescue or ‘resbak’ as they call it. He’s present during special occasions such as their surprise dinner for Rica after she finished the Architecture Board Exam.

They’re so close that Pogs has already earned the title of ‘bayaw’ from Nico, the ultimate shipper of his dream romance with Bea (Karina Bautista). It’s so cute how Nico helps his friend win his sister’s heart and even lets him get close to her. During Rica’s surprise dinner, he made a way for him to pat Bea on the shoulder.

When rumors about Kakay (Dimples Romana) and Audrey (Maxene Magalona)’s altercation spread across Sidero, Nico allowed Pogs to stay as they listened to Kakay’s side of the story.

The boys love to bond over mobile games and win in e-tournaments. There was a scene where they got so engrossed in a game they gave Kyle (Joshua Garcia) wrong information on Rica’s whereabouts. He looked for her after she stood him up for a job interview. He went to the Sicat abode to inquire but Nico inattentively told him Rica went to Iloilo. The good thing is Kyle stopped himself from booking a flight to the said province.    

It’s also funny how they gang up to tease Bea, or when Nico picks on her. But even if he loves to target his sister with his pranks and playful insults, Nico plays matchmaker for them. There are scenes where he encourages Bea to give Pogs a chance. And one time, he deceived her into making coffee for Pogs and their father Dan (Miko Raval), both of whom were busy working in their furniture shop at the time.

Since he’s their number one shipper, Nico helps Pogs think of ways to make Bea fall for him. Taking cues from cheesy films, he suggested making a grand gesture like a leading man does, saying his sister is so numb that ice cream will not do the trick. That’s why Pogs thought of copying Daniel Padilla. Then he took on online ‘rakets’ or side hustle to save up for their date. The ever-funny Nico asked for a samgyeopsal treat should Pogs become Bea’s boyfriend.

Pogs was unfortunately rejected, resulting in a funny drinking session wherein he and Nico pretended they’re taking alcohol like heartbroken adults. But then again, their friendship continued, and Pogs decided to still pursue Bea.

Together, the duo would low-key obstruct Bea’s potential romance with her ultimate crush, Brax (Sky Quizon). There was a scene where they trash-talked Brax and his cheesecake. They kept on teasing her as she tried to make a positive review about the “taste-free” cheesecake. Pogs and Nico truly get each other’s humor, giving us some of the most light-hearted scenes in the series.

The ultimate goal to win Bea’s heart will be a struggle, though. In the last scene, Pogs heard Bea and Nico’s conversation wherein the latter stressed that love is beyond ‘kilig.’ However, Bea has seemingly made up her mind and decided that she will never like him back.

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