10 scenes that will make you want to root for Axel in Viral Scandal

Who else is starting to feel the signs of second lead syndrome watching Viral Scandal? It’s when you wish that Axel (Jameson Blake) may snatch Rica (Charlie Dizon)’s heart even if you know Kyle (Joshua Garcia) has a bigger chance. Because we hear your prayers, here is a Kapamilya Toplist of scenes showing Axel’s undeniable chemistry with Rica and the times he got jealous of the latter’s closeness with Kyle.

Sparks fly during Axel and Rica’s first meeting. So to make things smoother, he decided to re-introduce himself and be friends with Balai Arkitektura’s newest junior architect. Rica, however, refused to shake hands, still traumatized from getting near a guy. Just as Axel was about to turn his back on her, Rica managed to utter a cheerful ‘Hi’ and it was enough to make Axel smile.

For the first time, Axel encountered a woman so aloof. But anyway, no amount of challenge can devour a chick-magnet’s confidence. There’s a scene where he and Rica were discussing their project.  As if it’s a skill so innate, Axel managed to splash a little flirting in the conversation. Then, he acted blinded by the eraser dust that Rica blew off the paper. Smooth. Rica got worried, told him to “blink” repeatedly and then she blew the dust off his eyes, pulling their faces closer.

A revelation would help break the ice between them. Axel recalled the same experience back in kindergarten. He got something in his eye while having fun at the playground. Then, his classmate told him to just “blink-blink.” He knew that was Rica – the girl “na mahiyain at laging masarap ang baon.” Rica’s face lit up, so certain that Axel was the class’ “pabibo na laging noisy.” She remembered his deepest secret – him pooping his pants. The shared laughter was so meaty Kyle stood outside the c