10 scenes that show Troy and Kakay’s undying connection in Viral Scandal

Their love may be a crime but it can’t be denied that what Troy (Jake Cuenca) and Kakay (Dimples Romana) felt for each other was real. They have their own families and lives now but, complicated as it is, their connection never stopped through the years. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from the hit series Viral Scandal that shows how fate continues to bind Troy and Kakay together. 

The video opens with flashbacks to Troy and Kakay’s romantic past. They shared big dreams, although Kakay was a kept woman and Troy was out there chasing his political dreams with legal wife Audrey (Maxene Magalona).

Having a child together is the thread that inevitably connects them, especially when Rica (Charlie Dizon) went through an arduous ordeal following the leakage of her scandalous video and rape case with Jigs (Markus Paterson), Troy’s nephew.

Troy wanted to support Rica in her legal battle even if he had to betray the Ramones clan. He went to the Sicat abode to ask the kind of help they needed. Dan (Miko Raval) blocked his entrance with an intimidating look. But Troy insisted on talking only with Kakay, who then came out of the house, fuming with anger. She asserted that their family can survive Rica’s case without needing his help.

Still, he found ways by giving them a lawyer, Atty. Laura (Ria Atayde), through Bea (Karina Bautista)’s help, which Kakay got mad about. She got more furious after Troy divulged her secret past to Atty. Laura, scared that it might reach Dan. She asked to meet him in secret to let him know how furious she is.

In an altercation between Kakay and Audrey, Troy didn’t shy away from protecting the former in front of an audience. His wife went berserk trying to stop him from running after his ex-mistress. Troy chased Kakay but only to have his ego crushed when she got mad at him in front of Dan.

Kakay would always express appreciation for Dan’s unconditional love. On the other hand, Troy is unhappy with his family life with Audrey and daughter Raven (Kaila Estrada). There’s a scene where he stumbled upon Raven’s video that shows their sweet family moment, which people didn’t know was simply staged for damage control. His reaction spoke of discontent. But when he searched Bea's social media account and saw photos of Kakay with her kids, he didn’t notice he was smiling.

The next scene shows Troy and Kakay meeting up in secret to discuss Rica’s case. There was obvious attraction in his eyes. Her actions, on the other hand, hinted awkwardness. Even before they started talking, Troy received a call from Audrey telling him about an attack at the Sicat abode, and that she saved the Sicat kids. The incident resulted in a fistfight and more complicated family drama.

Hoping to still correct his mistakes, Troy did what he’s supposed to do a long time ago. He called for a media conference to boldly take Rica’s side. He said that Jigs has been lying all along and that Rica is the real victim.

His big sacrifice also made a huge impact on his relationship with Kakay, who finally forgave him. They were both happy when Rica decided to continue her fight. Troy also apologized for his shortcomings as Rica’s biological father. He regrets that their story had to end that way, telling Kakay, “If I could do it all over again, ikaw ang pipiliin ko.”

But that’s too late of a realization as Kakay values her marriage with Dan, although it felt awkward when the three of them had to work altogether in gathering evidence from Archie (Vance Larena).

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