10 scenes that show the unedited truth about Raven’s relationship with Audrey in Viral Scandal

Anyone who looks at Raven (Kaila Estrada) will be stunned by the confidence and perfection she exudes. But trying to see through the façade she puts up, you’d realize she’s broken and lonely – and one terrible reason for this is the toxicity of her mom Audrey (Maxene Magalona). Check out this Kapamilya Toplist showing the unedited truth about Raven’s relationship with her mother in Viral Scandal.

The first scene already speaks so much of their differences. Audrey handed Raven a copy of a magazine that had them on the cover. Instead of feeling proud, Audrey criticized her daughter’s chunky style. As the story progressed, we got to see more of Audrey’s pursuit of physical perfection. And because all she thinks of is flawlessness, public image, and political record, these superficial things overshadow the affection she’s supposed to give Raven.

There’s also a scene where Raven, out of concern, asked Audrey to take a full breakfast instead of just munching down a piece of apple. Audrey replied that she doesn’t want to appear bloated for the day’s event, considering that she already looks fat in her photo. To cut the discussion short, Audrey commented on Raven’s poor styling again.  

One time, Raven opened up about her insecurities triggered by a chance encounter with her half-sister, Troy (Jake Cuenca)’s illegitimate child, Rica (Charlie Dizon). She said she felt small and vulnerable. Obviously, she’s craving for her mother’s comfort. But what she got was tough love, told to stop tearing herself down. She was asked not to give the Sicats an ounce of attention because they’re not supposed to stoop to their level.

In contrast to Audrey’s harsh treatment toward Raven, she’s obviously more affectionate with Jigs (Markus Paterson). Audrey even asked Raven to study Jigs’ case so they could be of help. Although affected, Raven, of course, followed her mom’s order.  

Raven somewhat feels estranged from Troy as well. She confronted him one time for his unfair reaction to Audrey and Kakay (Dimples Romana)’s altercation. Raven still has sympathy for her mom despite the latter’s attitude.  At that moment, she grew tired of Troy’s ‘absence’ in their lives, of always putting them second since Rica’s scandal came out.

In another scene, Raven felt happy when her mom dropped by her office. But it turned out Audrey was only there for some damage control. She asked Raven to take out her phone and broadcast their mother-daughter moment to give an illusion of a perfect family.  

There came a point, however, when Raven grew tired of projecting perfection. She wanted to quit covering up for their family’s problems. It led to another alcoholic breakdown as Raven ripped their family photos.

The final scene witnessed a major confrontation between Raven and her mom. She already had enough of the insults, of always trying to keep up with Audrey’s impossible standards of perfection. Triggered, and maybe guilty, Audrey hit Raven and called her a big disappointment. Troy ran quickly to stop the fight. Yet Raven wasn’t pleased, saying Troy is just as awful as Audrey. 

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