10 scenes that show Rica’s sufferings in Viral Scandal

Rica (Charlie Dizon) lived a miserable life since falling victim to sexual assault and a scandalous video. Although she’s trying her best to move forward, the shocking concoction of anguish and trauma still affects her today. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist that chronicles Rica’s sufferings after the leakage of her sex video in the trending series Viral Scandal.

This Viral Scandal Toplist opens with Charlie’s powerful dramatic performance at the rooftop, carrying the weight of humiliation and grief upon learning that her video has spread like wildfire across Sidero.  News about it reached Filipinos abroad, thus her OFW mom Kakay (Dimples Romana) rushed home, leading to a heart-rending reunion. Scared, Rica revealed to her mom that she’s lost memory of what happened that night except the fact that she was raped. She didn’t have to scream but every pinch of Rica’s anguish could be felt. 

The Sicats’ reunion, supposedly merry, turned painfully emotional as the family members welcomed Rica who’s been missing for days. As in the previous scene, Rica just allowed herself to be vulnerable while enveloped in her family’s embrace.

Rica tried to fill herself with strength. But the emotional bruises still hurt when touched such as when she saw the perpetrator, Jigs (Markus Paterson), at a preliminary hearing for her rape case. The trauma manifested on the physical with Rica trembling throughout her speech until she vomited.

Same thing happened when she came face to face with Archie (Vance Larena), Jigs’ friend who leaked the video. Albeit shaking, Rica walked up to Archie and started yelling at him.

At some point, she thought the rape resulted in pregnancy. In that scene, her sister Bea (Karina Bautista) urged her to take a pregnancy test because there’s no point in waiting. Bea panicked as Rica suddenly wept. Bea opened the bathroom door and found Rica crying and at the same time relieved that she got her period.

The Sicat family tried to live a normal life as days went by, but not Rica, who found pretend peace by hiding. Thanks to Bea’s savage rant, Rica realized life must go on, albeit difficult. She decided it’s time to release herself from the paralyzing effects of her video scandal and abuse starting with looking for a new job.

But it will never be that easy, especially because she’s an illegitimate daughter of the town’s mayor, Troy (Jake Cuenca), who wanted to provide assistance in her legal battle. Rica said she wanted more than just that. As the victim, she asked Troy to take her side and condemn Jigs in public but she knows political record is more important to him. The painful truth opened up Rica’s old wounds, then, the scene rolled into an emotional confrontation between the father and daughter.

Her half-sister Raven (Kaila Estrada) added to her misery. Just as when things looked a little better, Raven showed up at Balai Arkitektura to reveal Rica’s shameful past. Triggered, Rica went home amid an anxiety attack and fainted in front of Kakay.

As if haunting her, Rica’s rape case affected her work. She was tired of putting her life on hold, forced to give up an important client meeting to face her abuser in the courtroom.

The pent-up emotions got unleashed in a striking confrontation with her boss, Kyle (Joshua Garcia). Rica was furious for being treated with special attention, as if she’s a damsel in distress. She hated being looked at as fragile. Then, Kyle explained that he’s only being careful with her wounds. After that encounter, Rica realized Kyle’s concern comes from a related trauma from his father’s suicide.

The hurt just never ends. This time, Rica would find out Troy’s side of the story. She learned that Troy wanted to be a father to her but Kakay didn’t let him. She went home, yelled all her frustrations at Kakay, giving us another serving of delectable drama.

However, her decision to give Troy another chance didn’t sit well with her stepfather Dan (Miko Raval), igniting a bigger family trouble. Rica got emotionally hurt seeing her Tatay mad. With no one to turn to, she asked Kyle to bring her to the Constantine building where no one except Kyle can see her cry.

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