10 scenes that show Kakay’s burning strength as a mother in Viral Scandal

Kakay (Dimples Romana) is the heart of the Sicat family, the force that breathes them strength and motivation, and the one who keeps them together as the aftermath of Rica (Charlie Dizon)’s scandalous video tries to shake them. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes that show how Kakay remained strong for Rica and her family’s fight in the trending series Viral Scandal.

Giving life to three beautiful kids and providing a roof over their head are not even half of what Kakay can do. For her family, she will get into a fight defending them from false accusations. When the scandal reached Filipinos overseas, Kakay, then working in Dubai, boldly confronted her fellow OWFs who had nothing to say but nasty things about Rica. She was told that worrying is just a waste of time because her daughter was sure just having fun, albeit in a stupid way. Kakay lectured the gossiper that she has every right to worry – because she’s a mother.

For her family, she will sacrifice her dreams and risk her job. Kakay rushed home upon learning that Rica was missing. She found her daughter hiding at a friend’s house. A tearjerker reunion transpired as she slowly unravelled what happened, to which Rica replied that she lost memory of how she ended up in a hotel room with Jigs (Markus Paterson). But one thing’s for sure – she was raped. As she got the confirmation she dreaded to receive, Kakay opted to keep her patience stronger than her anger. She just cried and embraced Rica, knowing the latter needed comfort amidst that nightmarish hour.

For her family, Kakay will stop in the middle of a live selling session to fight the trolls and drop this warning: “Insultuhin mo na lahat, pati ako, huwag lang ang mga anak ko.” In that scene, Kakay got provoked by a netizen who kept on commenting about Rica’s video scandal. She tried to keep her patience but the viewer was calling for attention, and a sharp comeback.

When the family receives bad news, Kakay is first to get affected. She was devastated that Rica’s case was dismissed. Kakay aired her frustrations at Atty. Laura (Ria Atayde), who promised that the case will proceed to the proper court. Then again, she realized the Ramones clan would use their social influence to tweak justice.

Kakay wishes nothing but her children’s victory and happiness even if it costs a little sacrifice on her part. At one point, she allowed Rica to accept a job offer in Ilo-Ilo if that would bring her peace.

The next scene witnessed a heartbreaking confrontation between Kakay and Rica, with the latter changing her heart for Troy (Jake Cuenca). Hurt by her own daughter’s allegations, Kakay stressed that Troy could only provide the money but never the genuine happiness that only Dan (Miko Raval) managed to give. Kakay said giving Rica a new family was the best decision she’s made for her, and she asked her not to be swayed by Troy’s lies and riches.

She didn’t know it would spark a bigger conflict in the family. Dan had violent reactions to Rica and Kakay’s secret meeting with Troy. The Sicats were on the verge of breaking up, so Kakay had to set aside her own emotions to keep the family together. She displayed submissiveness, accepting Dan’s decision to move house for their safety despite Nico (Louise Abuel) and Bea (Karina Bautista)’s protest.

Then, she enlightened Rica about not giving up. Kakay, the epitome of strength, emphasized that a person who easily backs down and refuses to take action will eventually be haunted by regrets. She knows because that’s how she feels for not fighting for things she could have fought for. And she will never want Rica to suffer the same way.

Proving that she will do anything for her daughter’s fight, Kakay made a way to trace Ella (Aya Fernandez), whom she believes could make a big difference in Rica’s case.

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