10 scenes that prove Markus Paterson’s credibility as a villain in Viral Scandal

Who would have thought that behind his decent looks and seemingly perfect life as a Ramones and a public servant, Jigs (Markus Paterson) has a covert toxic personality to hide? The guy is sick to his core. He’s manipulative and has major sexual issues– making him the newest villain to be terrified of. Here are his most hated scenes so far in the much talked-about Kapamilya series Viral Scandal.

This Kapamilya Toplist opens with Jigs hinting at his fantasies about Rica (Charlie Dizon), the daughter of his uncle Troy (Jake Cuenca). Although there’s more to be revealed about this part of the storyline, people in the fictitious town of Sidero believe Rica and Jigs are related. But that didn’t stop his obsession for her.    

A flashback scene shows Rica asking Jigs to stop chasing her. The rejection only triggered his violent tendencies. He pushed her to the wall, almost forcing her to be intimate with him.

Then, Jigs caused Rica’s biggest nightmare. One night in a bar, he tried to win her with smooth talks. He eavesdropped on her conversation with friends and watched her dancing. His squad made fun of his reaction, saying he’s always been crazy about Rica but they know he has no effect on her.   

So when his buddies laughed at his text message that he’s spending the night with Rica, Jigs promised to send photos as proof the next day.  In that scene, he laid a very intoxicated Rica on the hotel bed, then placed a camera on the table. He slowly undressed her – the entire act of molestation recorded in a video that would later on go viral. While thinking of what happened, Jigs started to reveal his bizarre mannerisms, such as banging his head on the wall and bursting into anger.

The sex scandal spread like wildfire across Sidero. Confronted by the media, Jigs displayed some classic political charisma to tweak the truth. He admitted he’s the guy in the viral video but that it was made with consent. The beloved councillor made people believe that he and Rica are in a relationship. In another scene, he told his supporters that his heart can’t choose who to fall in love with, so what he felt for Rica was unexpected and real.

He has zero remorse but unlimited lies about what happened. And the way he’s able to manipulate everyone is truly dangerous. There’s a scene where Jigs won Audrey (Maxene Magalona)’s sympathy, who adorably looked at him like he’s an angel. Raven (Kaila Estrada), on the other hand, had to interrogate him first before buying his lies. He said fear forced him to own up to all the mess. 

However, Jigs’ act is only believable in front of his family and supporters. On the other side of this battle for truth is the Sicat family, determined to prove that Rica was sexually assaulted. During their face-off since the scandal exploded, Jigs reached out to Rica and desperately convinced her about their imaginary romance.

Rica, triggered and traumatized, punched Jigs and told him to back off. Kakay (Dimples Romana) and Dan (Miko Raval) came to her rescue. Then, Bobby (Gian Magdangal) got into the mix to warn the Sicats that they’re talking to a public official.

In a hearing with their counsels, Jigs’ camp belied the rape accusation due to lack of drug substance in Rica’s body. The Sicats’ lawyer, Atty. Laura (Ria Atayde), maintained that Rica was traumatized and it took her days to file her narrative at the police station, hence the absence of substance in her system.  

The sham continued. Jigs plays the victim and promises to catch the culprit behind the spread of his scandal. Meanwhile, the real victims struggle to rise beyond the trauma, hurt, and humiliation.

Triggered by Jigs’ fake accounts, Bea (Karina Bautista) stood up for Rica and boldly confronted Jigs in public. She condemned him for raping her sister, until she’s also judged for her behavior.

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