10 scenes showing how jealousy issues destroy Audrey in Viral Scandal

With her drama queen attitude, it’s easy to hate Audrey (Maxene Magalona) and assume that everything she does is just out of sheer demand for attention. But if you’d listen to what she says on her most vulnerable moments, you’d understand that she’s fired up because of her own jealousy, of unhealed pain and trauma from the past.

Time slipped away but not the anguish brought about by her husband Troy (Jake Cuenca) and Kakay (Dimples Romana)’s affair. She’s jealous because she’s been cheated on. She’s jealous because her husband gives her the reason to feel to. And without her realizing, her jealousy issues have become damaging, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from Viral Scandal.

At the Ramones mansion, Raven (Kaila Estrada) cried feeling so small after meeting her half-sister Rica (Charlie Dizon) for the first time. Audrey kept her poise, telling Raven not to sink to Rica and Kakay’s level. “I will never be the woman who confronts the kabit because that’s all they are. Kabit lang sila, hindi pinag-aaksayahan ng oras,” she said.

She broke that promise in an altercation with Kakay at a charity event. Triggered, she threw a microphone at her rival and completely turned monstrous when Troy came to Kakay’s rescue.

And as a mother, Audrey carries twice as much misery. She unleashed pent-up emotions in another confrontation with Kakay. She was embittered how Kakay and Rica act normal while there’s Raven who grew up suffering from the remnants of betrayal.

It hurt more as Troy continued to treat Kakay and Rica as priorities. Then she wondered how Dan (Miko Raval) is able to ignore the signs of their spouses’ undying feelings for each other. She felt like Troy and Kakay are cheating emotionally. It’s in the way they look at and care for each other. It becomes a more horrible experience when Troy acts like he doesn’t see Audrey’s pain.

There was a time Audrey felt like she’s an accessory to add charm to Troy’s political image. She knows she’s more than that. She is the wife. She said the reason she stayed despite the endless fights and cheating is that she truly cares for him.

But her faith in her marriage has dried up. Audrey almost accepted that Troy would never love her the way he loved Kakay. The scorned woman rushed to the Sicat abode to confront the other woman, almost leading to a closure.

Kakay acknowledged that she destroyed Audrey’s life by having an affair with Troy. She understood that the anger is only stirred by pain, which she could no longer heal. But she said Audrey could still choose to forget the bitterness. Kakay asked forgiveness, something that she should’ve done long ago.

The apology came too late. Audrey had already asked someone to publish Kakay’s photos as an escort girl. Before she’s able to retrieve her order, the damage has already been done, inflaming Troy’s anger and frustration. For the first time, we heard Audrey own up to her mistakes.

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