Viral Scandal Behind-the-Scenes: Madam CC enjoys working with Balai Arkitektura trio

Kyle (Joshua Garcia), Rica (Charlie Dizon), and Axel (Jameson Blake)’s already complicated love triangle just got more colorful with the surprising entrance of Consuelo played by Ana Abad-Santos in the controversial series Viral Scandal.

By her first appearance in the March 10 episode, it’s pretty obvious Consuelo, or Madam CC, had a negative impression of Rica, who spent the night in Kyle’s place making sure he’s fine after he was stabbed.

Typical of a mother, her instinct was on fire that she instantly smelled the brewing love triangle, which she later on confirmed after talking with the gentlemen.

Consuelo would meddle before the best friends get ripped apart just by a girl she doesn’t really trust. She calls it just being protective of the two guys. Despite her good intentions, mediating will only bring more drama than clarity.

But unlike the conflict between these characters in the show, the actors playing them have a sunny relationship behind the scenes. Ana enjoyed her lock-in taping with the Viral Scandal family, especially acting opposite the most promising stars of this generation.

Joshua, Ana, Charlie, Jameson

Photo credit to anaabadsantos IG

What tension? Rica and Consuelo are joined at the hip based on the series of photos Ana shared on Instagram.

Charlie and Ana

Photo credit to anaabadsantos IG

Here, they get close with other cast members Dimples Romana and Jake Cuenca:

Charlie, Ana, Dimples, Jake

Photo credit to anaabadsantos IG

For someone who’s truly passionate about acting, Ana sure knows how to spot bright talents, and she found one in her on-screen son.

Ana, Joshua

Photo credit to anaabadsantos IG

She uploaded a clip of her dinner scene with Joshua and wrote, “This scene with my son. What a wonderful scene partner you are, @garciajoshuae.”



As the story continues this week, Rica will have to deal with another mess after learning about Kyle and Axel’s true feelings for her, aside from the anxiety brought about by her on-going rape case with Jigs (Markus Paterson).

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