Viral Scandal: KarJon’s kilig scenes

Nothing beats the ‘kilig’ of a budding young love, that’s why we can’t get enough of Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza’s cute moments in the trending series Viral Scandal. Here are some of their swoon-worthy scenes that are just impossible to forget!

This Kapamilya Update video opens with Pogs (Aljon) trying to make Bea (Karina) smile on the day of Rica (Charlie Dizon)’s first hearing session with the city prosecutor on the rape case filed against Jigs (Markus Paterson). Bea was extra grumpy and worried. But Pogs managed to make her smile by surprising her with a banana cue. 



The persistent suitor would walk all the way to the next barangay to see Bea. In a scene, asked why he’s tailing her, Pogs said he volunteered as an apprentice at Dan (Miko Raval)’s furniture shop. But of course, we know why he likes going to the Sicat abode. 

KarJon are experts at making hearts flutter with their subtle moments like in that scene where Pogs saved Bea from getting hit by a ball. Set on campus, the two shared a seemingly ‘slow-mo’ moment that surprisingly made Bea smile. 

In another scene, the lovestruck Pogs proved he’s Bea’s number one fan. While filming her next vlog, him as the videographer, he wondered why Bea had to keep looking for her best angle because, in his eyes, she’s beautiful in every way. Although Bea easily dismissed the ‘banat,’ the twinkle in her eyes said something more. 

The ever-‘masungit’ Bea is known for pushing Pogs away. The reason can be traced back to their childhood when he unwittingly rejected her. Her ten-steps-behind rule is a little act of revenge, which she herself broke by hugging him out of joy. In that scene, Bea was happy with Pogs’ display of loyalty to her family. 

They got a little bit closer than usual in the next scene wherein Bea asked Pogs to walk beside her – not one, or two, or ten steps behind. Social distancing no more! Of course, Pogs couldn’t be any happier.

Seemingly, his persistence is starting to spark potential romance. We give you Pogs and Bea’s staring scene leading to his heartfelt confession. Enough with the subtle ‘ligaw’ moves. Now Pogs is ready to prove how serious he is in wooing Bea.

Will Bea and Pogs be a case of friends turning to lovers? Watch how their love story ends in the remaining episodes of Viral Scandal, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.