Netizens React Viral Scandal Pilot Week

Just on its pilot week, ABS-CBN’s newest teleserye offering Viral Scandal has already amassed overwhelming support from netizens who commended the bravery of this series to tackle issues that most of us or we often find taboo yet relevant in a primetime series.

As we look forward on the continuous unfolding of this one-of-a-kind, exciting narrative that we have probably not seen before, let’s look back on some of the remarkable happenings on its first five episodes and the rave reactions of netizens posted on Twitter regarding its premiere last Monday, November 15.


The refreshing, relevant plot

The trailer and teasers released weeks prior to its first airing had promised viewers that Viral Scandal is going to be different from the other stories that we’ve already seen – and it definitely didn’t fail.

It follows the story of the Sicat Family, whose once peaceful, happy, and simple life would be disturbed by controversial sex scandal that involves their firstborn Rica, astoundingly portrayed by award-winning young actress Charlie Dizon. Loving and hardworking parents Dan (Miko Raval) and Kakay (Dimples Romana) take pride in her not only because she’s a few steps away from achieving her dream of becoming an architect, but of her innate gutsiness and intelligence that enables her to protect herself from anyone who would try to hurt or throw snide remarks at her.

Being the eldest, Rica became in-charge of the household and of taking care of the family while their matriarch Kakay works in Dubai. This apparently made her domineering towards her younger siblings Bea (Karina Bautista), to whom she has a love-hate relationship with, and Nico (Louise Abuel), to whom she’d been protective with, so she gave him a box of condoms – which didn’t sit well with Kakay and caused a debate between them.

As things start to look up for them, with Rica finally accomplishing her internship and Kakay getting promoted at work, this also the same time when her and her family’s life begin to depressingly change as she found herself being involved in a malicious scandal that she actually didn’t have any idea how it transpired at first, making her the talk of the town (and even the whole world) all of a sudden.

It happened the night when their boss treated them to a drinking session to celebrate the end of Rica’s internship. Her office friend Rose was so drunk, thus she came to the rescue when a random man tried to get near to her on the dance floor. The next thing she knew, she already felt really dizzy and found herself naked on the bed at an unfamiliar room the following morning and spotted blood stains on the sheet as she got up.

As they went back to work the following week, Rica couldn’t help but think of what happened that night, which she couldn’t remember until her officemates asked her about that. Not long after, all eyes were on her as her sex video with Jigs Ramones (Markus Paterson), the scion of the affluent political family, spread like wildfire on the worldwide web. Seeing herself on the screen truly distraught her and put her to shame, thus she immediately walked out of their office. Viewers then saw her sobbing as she walked towards the ledge of the rooftop of a structure, making us assume that she was attempting to take her own life.

Her family had already seen the viral video as well through their friends, which indeed alarmed them. Dan immediately went to her office to look for her, while Kakay prepared to go back to the Philippines in order to be with her daughter at the time she needs her the most.

On the other hand, Jigs was also haunted by what he did that night, with his father Bobby (Gian Magdangal) castigating him for the mess that he has brought to their family anew. It was revealed that he actually didn’t have any intention to upload it on the internet as he only shared it with his friends through their group chat to brag – and that’s where it all sprouted.

With daughter nowhere to be found for two days already, Dan raided the Ramones residences, wherein he had the chance to talk with Bobby regarding the matter, to which the latter retorted that their kids just got careless and they’ve already sought the help of the authorities.

Kakay had also arrived in the country and went straight to the house of Rica’s best friend Ali (Apey Obera) because her instinct was telling her that her daughter was there. And she was indeed right as Rica only asked Ali to not tell anyone, including her parents, that she’s there. Kakay caught her daughter sitting on the floor and looking extremely distraught as she opened the room where she’d been staying for days. In the end, she was able to convince her to go home with her, in which she was welcomed by their family, except for Dan’s sister who apparently is not in good terms with Kakay as she kept on bringing up the past in their argument with regards to Rica’s scandal.

Meanwhile, Rica’s biological dad Richmond (Jake Cuenca) assaulted Jigs while the latter was in front of the press and their constituents at an event, where he also addressed the scandal by telling falsehoods. This has also caused an altercation among the Ramoneses as their patriarch approved what Jigs did in order to protect their family’s reputation, despite Richmond’s protest.

It was in the fifth episode, wherein we’re able to get a full grasp of the link between the Ramoneses and the Sicats as it brought us back to the times when Richmond and Kakay used to inseparable star-crossed lovers whose relationship was hindered by his family by marrying him off to another woman. They tried to save their relationship by living together secretly, making Kakay his mistress, but it just didn’t work out. As he seemingly failed to provide support for Rica in the past decades, Kakay angrily declined Richmond’s offer to help them get through this turmoil as he dropped by their house to check on them.


What makes it a cut above the rest

We may just be on the pilot week, but Viral Scandal has already achieved its goals of not simply providing entertainment through its timely and refreshing narrative, but of inspiring and educating the audiences as well.

Each episode always begins with a montage of clips that reminded us of the past real-life scandals that used to dominate our headlines in the past years. The context behind some of those may be explained by the people involved, but we did not have exact ideas what they went through during those times when they were the talk of the town and onlookers were slinging mud at them and how they’re able to overcome those and face the world again. And that’s what Viral Scandal is going to be all about.

Aside from the plight of people involved in malicious videos, the series has also tackled the common issues that we’re confronting at present, especially by the current generation. These include sex education, which many of us usually find taboo, as well as idolatry, bullying, misogyny, irresponsible use of social media, and even online game addiction.

As this is something new on primetime, a lot of viewers couldn’t help but be amazed with how brave RCD Narratives are in incorporating those controversial topics are in this narrative. Of course, its writers Arah Jell Badayos, Benjamin Benson A. Logronio, and Jimuel P. Dela Cruz and directors Dado C. Lumibao and Froy Allan Leonardo, along with the other production staff and crew should be credited for doing a great job in putting up this awesome show amid the pandemic.

The same with its stellar ensemble who astonished us with their compelling performances that make us feel the emotions of their characters and crave to know their characters deeper and see how they’re going to develop in the forthcoming episodes.


The rave reactions from the netizens

We collated some of the feedbacks tweeted by our Kapamilya Twittizens regarding the pilot episode, and here are those:



















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