Jealousy and pride provoke Jake and Miko into a brawl in “Viral Scandal”

Secrets are surfacing and causing cracks in the Sicat family, following this week's brawl between Dan (Miko Raval) and Troy (Jake Cuenca) in "Viral Scandal."

Dan lost his temper and punched Troy after overhearing the latter speak with Rica (Charlie Dizon) about the trust fund and necklace.

Troy informed him that as Rica's biological father, he had the legal right to secure her future, not knowing that Dan was unaware.

Dan felt betrayed once more when he discovered that Kakay (Dimples Romana) and Rica had been keeping a secret from him. He yelled at Rica as they exited the Ramones' house out of pride and jealousy.

What will Dan's next move be in order to keep the Ramones out of their lives? What will Raven (Kaila Estrada) feel about his parents getting close to Rica after she finishes rehab?

Meanwhile, Charlie and Kaila shared how they collaborate during their scenes in the series.  One notable scene that trended on social media recently was when Raven went to Rica in her drunken state and told her how she destroyed her family and how imperfect their family was.

"We were both nervous in doing the confrontation scene. We talked about it and prepared for the scene that is why I am overjoyed that our efforts have paid off in the form of positive reviews for the show, " Kaila said.

Charlie added, "Same with Kaila, we were nervous before we shot the said trending scene. Prior to the day, we shot it, we read the script over and over again for a few consecutive nights."

Kaila also said that she always asks for Charlie's inputs since "Viral Scandal" is her first series.

"When we bond with each other, I always asked her about our scenes. If you can't feel the emotions needed for the scene, how do you do it? I always ask for her advice, " she shared.

"Viral Scandal," produced by RCD Narratives, is directed by Dado C. Lumibao and Froy Allan Leonardo.

"Viral Scandal" airs on Kapamilya ChannelA2Z, TV5, Kapamilya Online Live on ABS-CBN Entertainment and Facebook page, Jeepney TV, iWantTFC, WeTV, and iflix on weeknights at 9:20 p.m.