Get to know Dimples Romana and Jake Cuenca more as they play “Two Truths and a Lie”

Dimples Romana and Jake Cuenca play ex-lovers in the newest Kapamilya series Viral Scandal but in real life they’re good friends who love to share their new foodie finds, playlists, and stories. Let’s see how their closeness helped them ace the “Two Truths and A Lie” Challenge!



In an episode of Kapamilya Chat, Dimples and Jake played the game where they’d give three statements about themselves and the other player will guess which one is the lie.

Dimples revealed she rubs her feet on a mosquito net to put herself to sleep, she never skips shower before bedtime, and she loves vegetables. Jake said the last statement is the lie. He would know because Dimples love sharing with him her latest foodie finds that are usually meat contrary to his green diet. Dimples explained that she only consumes vegetables if they’re juiced.

Dimples easily guessed which was the lie from Jake’s three statements: he likes triathlon, he likes basketball, and he likes motorcycle riding. She picked “basketball” because her husband Boyet shares the same interest in motorcycles with Jake and it’s no secret that Jake is a full-fledged triathlete.

Dimples gets candid in the next round, saying she loves the sunrise, rain, and Christmas. Jake thought “rain” is the lie but the answer is “sunrise.” For Dimples, rain is a form of cleansing from the heavens while Christmas is a happy time with family. Although she doesn’t really hate the sunrise, it’s just that she’s more of a sunset girl for the reason that she hated early morning pack ups, “Segue baby kasi ako. ‘Pag pinuputukan na ng araw, wala na, hindi ka na aantukin hanggang sa second cycle na ‘to.”

Jake mentioned that he’s more emotional during the early hours of the morning, his favorite meal is breakfast, and his favorite food is vegetables. Noting that Jake is a health buff, Dimples was sure he likes breakfast and vegetables, so she thought the first statement is a lie. But according to Jake, the “breakfast” part is the lie. Dimples suddenly recalled a time when she offered Jake a kale sandwich which he refused and then he said, “I don’t eat breakfast.”

The next round prompted Dimples to share her music playlist dedicated to the characters in Viral Scandal, For the last round, Jake said he wakes up at 6am, takes naps during the day, and sleeps late. The third one is a lie because he has to sleep early to rise early as well for his morning run.

Check out Dimples and Jake’s “Two Truths and A Lie” Challenge” in this video!