5 reasons why watch Viral Scandal

Viral Scandal is set to grip primetime viewers with a timely yet cautionary tale about the impact of online controversies in today’s highly connected world through social media. 

Here are five things to watch out for when the much-anticipated series begins airing next week. 


1. Timely, gripping narrative



Viral Scandal’s story is so relevant and attuned to the times, dealing with the pitfalls and brickbats associated with a scandalous video involving an unsuspecting woman, whose life turned for the worse after it gets viral. Quite a familiar situation in today’s online world, wherein a single post whether true or not becomes powerful enough to build or destroy a person’s reputation.


2. Award-winning actress Charlie Dizon to deliver epic portrayal


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This is the first major teleserye of Charlie Dizon, who shot up to prominence and acclaim after winning the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress plum, and other distinctions and nominations throughout the industry. Her portrayal of Rica Sicat is expected to draw rave reviews and begin a new chapter in her already rising career as a distinguished actress.


3. Powerful ensemble cast to deliver unforgettable dramatic performances


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Viral Scandal’s other cast members are expected to give noteworthy performances that viewers won’t forget for a long time. Joshua Garcia, Dimples Romana, and Jake Cuenca will again deliver deep, resounding portrayals and effectively personify their characters. The engaging, exhilarating love team of 


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Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza will also draw their loyal fans to the show with the kilig vibes they bring. Miko Raval, Jameson Blake, and Markus Paterson are also seen to shine further with breakthrough appearances in the drama.


4. Anticipated pairing of Charlie Dizon and Joshua Garcia


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Two exceptional actors Charlie Dizon and Joshua Garcia are paired in one drama, not only to present their lauded, acclaimed craft as actors, but also to show their undeniable onscreen chemistry and become the next big kilig tandem to hit the screens. 


5. Gripping storytelling from RCD Narratives, its directors, and creative team



Directors, producers, writers, and creative and technical teams of RCD Narratives behind the exceptional and gripping dramas The Killer Bride and A Soldier’s Heart are set to craft anew a piercing, sensible, relevant, and attention-drawing quality series, Viral Scandal that will move, tantalize, and inspire us. 

Don’t miss the premiere of Viral Scandal on Monday, November 15 on the Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.