Tubig at Langis SampalSerye Round 3: Irene vs Lucy

Yesterday for Round 2, we looked back and saw the slap-packed and hair pulling-filled scenes of Clara (Isabelle Daza) and Lucy (Dionne Monsanto) in “Tubig at Langis”. Today, it’s time for Round 3 and it’s the ultimate showdown between Lucy and Irene (Cristine Reyes). Let us now look back at their memorable scenes.

Because of what happened to her son Mico (Miguel Vergara), Irene couldn’t control her anger and she choked Lucy during a short confrontation in the kitchen.

Slap Counter: No slaps were given but Lucy received one intense choke from Irene.

Lucy made a big scene during the wake of her mother, Conching (Vivian Velez), upon seeing Irene.

Slap Counter: Aside from the hair pulling and pushing, Lucy gave Irene 1 slap.

Irene saw her husband Natoy (Zanjoe Marudo) and Clara together, Lucy then arrived and decided to pester Irene even more.

Slap Counter: Irene gave Lucy 1 hard slap that she definitely won’t forget.

Irene and Lucy had an intense catfight.

Slap Counter: Aside from the intense hair pulling, Irene scored 2 very strong and “pasabog” slaps while Lucy 1 only scored 1 slap.

For Round 3: Irene vs Lucy, Irene scored 3 slaps while Lucy only scored 2.

FINAL TALLY: For the three rounds, Irene scored a total of 6 slaps, Lucy scored 5 slaps and Clara scored 4 slaps, which makes Irene the current Slap Queen of this SampalSerye.

There will surely be more slapping, pushing and hair pulling between Irene, Lucy and Clara, don’t miss more of their intense scenes every afternoon in “Tubig at Langis”, Mondays to Fridays, after “Doble Kara” in ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold.