Tubig at Langis SampalSerye Round 2: Clara vs Lucy

Yesterday for Round 1, we looked back and saw the slap-packed and hair pulling-filled scenes of Irene (Cristine Reyes) and Clara (Isabelle Daza) in “Tubig at Langis”. Today, Lucy (Dionne Monsanto) joins the royal rumble. Let us now look back at the memorable scenes of Clara and Lucy.

Lucy couldn’t control her anger against Clara and it led to a confrontation between the two but Aunt Mira (Jean Saburit) settled it immediately.

Slap Counter: No slaps were given but Lucy was able to throw lots of harsh words against Clara.

Clara made a big scene and started a fight with Irene and Lucy during Nathan’s party that angered Natoy (Zanjoe Marudo).

Slap Counter: Clara was able to score 1 slap against Lucy, Lucy on the other hand also gave Clara 1 hard slap.

Lucy lashes out on Clara after discovering that the waiver given to her was fake.

Slap Counter: Aside from the hair pulling, Lucy gave 2 slaps to Clara, while Clara didn’t do anything.

For Round 2: Clara vs Lucy, Lucy scored 3 slaps while Clara only scored 1. Tomorrow, for Round 3, it will be an intense showdown between Irene and Lucy.

Watch out for more of these intense and slap-packed scenes every afternoon in “Tubig at Langis”, Mondays to Fridays, after “Doble Kara” in ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold.