REVIEW: Love transcends in “Tubig at Langis” finale

After all the tumult, the message of love transcends.

Such love takes precedence over bitter surges of hatred and even when you are ready to kill with a gun pointed at the source of all your misery and pull the trigger, you just surrender completely, purposely missing your mark. And as Clara (Isabelle Daza) told Natoy (Zanjoe Marudo) and Irene (Cristine Reyes) in the finale of Tubig at Langis, even killing them won’t heal the heartache, or make her unrequited love for her beloved Natoy subside.

Natoy and Irene were at gun-toting Clara’s mercy when she took her nemesis hostage and brought her to a remote, abandoned, grassy area by a lake. After the two women scuffled, leaving Irene unconscious after gunbutt at the head, Natoy came to Irene’s rescue as the dejected Clara pointed the gun at them. But even she had the opportunity to get revenge, Clara could not do it and fired the gun at all directions, except where Natoy and Irene was.

It showed how much she still loved Natoy and felt that killing him would not let her miseries end.

Saving grace

And, as Clara was arrested by the police, Natoy and Irene embraced, finally realizing that their love for one another was simply their saving grace.

Six months since that climactic confrontation, Natoy and Irene finally achieved the peace and harmony they always wanted as a married couple. But Natoy wanted more. He then proposed to Irene for a second time, and finally renewed their vows in their “second” wedding ceremony.

There they promised the kind of love so formidable and strong, intimate and profuse, undying and precious, of course that will correct their mistakes and become better persons for each other till the end.

Impressive finale

Who wouldn’t be astonished with the show’s impressive finale? Isabelle Daza really gave a commendable performance as the distraught and desperate Clara blinded by hatred. You would feel the character’s pain as she essays it with utmost believability.

Also impressive was Cristine Reyes’s consistent and passionate portrayal of the wronged yet victorious Irene, whom we all rooted for since the pilot episode. And Zanjoe Marudo’s continuing rise as a respectable and prolific actor truly shows all throughout.

Production-wise, it was a gem with remarkable camera work and editing and eye-catching design that would indeed draw viewers in attention. And, this should be another feather in the cap for director Ruel Bayani, who single-handedly offered a gripping series that was not only worth watching daily but even sharable and meme-able, on people’s personal social media space. And, he really brought out the best in the cast to churn out their most memorable and breakthrough performances.

Netizens likewise were impressed.