7 Moments Natoy and Irene Proved That Love Endures

“Tubig at Langis” will air its finale this afternoon, September 2. The afternoon series has shown us the trials and triumphs that Irene (Cristine Reyes) and Natoy (Zanjoe Marudo) went through. As we bid our farewell to the controversial teleserye, let us look back at the 7 moments Natoy and Irene proved to us that love endures.

Natoy visited Irene at her family’s house and he tried getting back together with his wife. After admitting all his mistakes, he begged her to give him another chance.

When Natoy regained consciousness after an accident, he asked forgiveness once again for all his shortcomings. On the other hand, Irene also apologized to him for doubting him in the past.

Upon arriving at their house, Natoy promised Irene a new beginning and a happy life for their family.

With the help of their family, Natoy prepared a surprise dinner date for Irene. While having a romantic moment, they declared their love for each other despite everything that happened in their marriage.

Natoy and Irene announced to their family and friends the name of their baby. They named the fruit of their love Emily because it signified unity.

After everything they’ve been through, Irene and Natoy assured each other that they can overcome anything as long they stick together.

With their family and friends, Natoy and Irene celebrate the christening of their daughter.

In this world full of heartaches and pain, Natoy and Irene proved that at the end of the day, love will endure and prevail.

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