The Metamorphosis of Lucy in ‘Tubig at Langis’ Part 2

However, everything changed all of a sudden…

When Natoy was in the hospital after the accident, she apologized to Irene and also promised to help keep Clara away from Natoy.

She became emotional and blamed herself for what happened to Natoy.

As a revenge, she then teamed up with Emma (Ingrid dela Paz) against Clara.

Eventually, with the help of Emma and Tetay (Nina Medina) she was able to successfully throw Clara out of their house.

She then worked together with Irene and once again, she apologized for everything she has done in the past.

With Irene’s help, she dragged Clara to Jaime’s coffin and blamed her for his death.

Just like Natoy and Irene, she had a new beginning. When the couple moved in back to their house, she welcomed them with open arms.

She found out that her biological mother is Mira, something she had a hard time accepting.

After being kidnapped by Clara, she felt very emotional when she was reunited with Natoy and Mira.

She lived a happier life with her mother and her family. She then shared to Mira how proud her adoptive father was of her and how he made sure that she always had a place in the family.

Lucy has really changed a lot, from being an evil and mean woman to a good and loving daughter, sister and friend. She has proved to everyone that it’s never too late to change and be good.

Will Lucy have a happily ever after like Irene and Natoy?

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