The Metamorphosis of Lucy in ‘Tubig at Langis’

“Tubig at Langis” will finally air its final episode tomorrow, September 2, Friday. We have witnessed how the lives of Irene (Cristine Reyes), Natoy (Zanjoe Marudo) and Clara (Isabelle Daza) have changed throughout the months. Aside from the three main characters in the afternoon series, we have also learned to love and hate the character of Lucy (Dionne Monsanto). Before we officially say goodbye to the controversial teleserye, let us look back at the journey and metamorphosis of Lucy from being evil to being good.

Remember when Lucy was this evil?

Lucy always tried to annoy and piss off Irene in their house.

She even made a scene during the wake of Conching (Vivian Velez) and blamed Irene for what happened to her mom.

When Irene and Natoy had marital problems, she was even on Clara’s side.

She even filed a case against Domeng (Lito Pimentel), Irene’s father, for causing the death of her mother.

While the case was ongoing, she had more confrontations with Irene.

Eventually, she also had confrontations with Clara.

She even helped Irene and Natoy throw Clara out of their house.

After she found out that the waiver was fake, she lashed out at Clara for making a fool out of her.

She became extremely devastated when she found out the truth about her identity, that she was not a Villadolid.

She revealed to Natoy that they’re not real siblings when she got very drunk.

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