5 Moments That Clara Almost Captured Natoy’s Heart

The most talked-about afternoon series “Tubig at Langis” is now on its last few episodes. For several months, the teleserye has affected us in so many ways. We have loved and hated Irene (Cristine Reyes), Natoy (Zanjoe Marudo) and Clara (Isabelle Daza), as well as the other characters like Jaime (Victor Silayan), Mira (Jean Saburit), Mico (Miguel Vergara), Domeng (Lito Pimentel), Nestor (Efren Reyes Jr.) and of course, Lucy (Dionne Monsanto).

Before we say goodbye to the controversial series, let us do a major throwback as we remember 5 unforgettable moments that Clara almost captured the heart of Natoy.

During a feast, Clara got very drunk so Natoy decided to bring her home safely. When they arrived at her room, she tried to seduce him even though he was already married. She then confessed her feelings for him and kissed him passionately on the lips.

In order for Clara and her son, Natoy, to spend more time together, Conching (Vivian Velez) asked him to help Clara move in to another house. As one of way of thanking him, Clara cooked food for him. However, he refused since he had another occasion to attend to. She then pretended to feel dizzy, which made Natoy decide to stay and just take care of her.

In the middle of the night, Natoy visited Clara at the place where she was hiding from her father, Nestor, to check if she was safe. When he arrived, she immediately rushed to him and hugged him very tightly.

When Natoy found out that Clara was bearing his child, he visited her more often without his wife’s knowledge. Secretly, he spent time with her to take care of her and their son. With the help of Jaime, Irene was able to find the house where Clara was staying and she caught the two in the act sharing a sweet moment together.

Natoy paid Clara a visit when he was very depressed. She tried to comfort him and make him forget his problems even for a while. She kissed him passionately and he gave in. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to resist the temptation and he made love with her.

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