Sunshine Cruz, binalikan ang mga isyu na binato sa kanila ni Karla Estrada noong 80s

Timeless and elegant beauty Sunshine Cruz visited the Tonight With Boy Abunda studio and talked about her daughters, her history of being a “Basted Queen”, the rings she received from her boyfriend and past rumors surrounding her relationship with Karla Estrada

Sunshine shared that her eldest daughter, Angelina, will turn eighteen in September while her two younger daughters, Samantha and Chesca, are only a year apart. “Ang aking mga buhay, ang aking inspirasyon,” she said, explaining that her daughters inspire her to work harder to give them a comfortable life. She revealed that she has a very close relationship with her daughters and so, they are free to tell her about anything. She revealed that they are already boys lining up to court Angelina but she advised her to let their family meet the boy first, “Kailangan kong makilala. Kailangan kong makita.” But Sunshine shared that Angelina’s current priority is her studies instead of jumping in a relationship at such a young age. Angelina herself frequently asks her mother, “How do I turn him down?” She usually advises her to establish a strong foundation of friendship first and just see what happens in the near future. 

She revealed that she was dubbed as the “Basted Queen” when she was young and was even linked romantically to Karla Estrada due to their extreme closeness. 

Due to Sunshine’s reputation of turning down boys who courted her when she was a teen, Boy Abunda mentioned some names and Sunshine would confirm if he was “basted” or not. Sunshine denied that Albert Martinez ever courted her. Shockingly, Sunshine validated that she turned down Kadenang Ginto’s resident bad boy Joko Diaz but she introduced to another friend and they eventually got in a relationship. She also said no to one of the best actors of the industry, Tonton Gutierrez, and even revealed that Tonton had her name tattooed on his chest as a promise to wait for her but unfortunately, Sunshine prioritized her career. 

She shared that she also rejected Joey De Leon’s son, Keempee De Leon, four times. Kier Legaspi, one of showbiz’s handsome faces, also failed to get Sunshine’s heart. She shared that her ex-husband, Cesar Montano, was her first boyfriend and preserved her virginity until marriage. Lastly, she revealed that out of all the men who courted her, Raymart Santiago was the one she liked the most. She added that Keempee and Raymart even fought because even if the former was the first one to court her, Raymart didn’t budge since Sunshine hasn’t said yes to anyone yet. “He’s very nice and he’s a real gentleman,” she shared that Raymart didn’t like that she had lots of chaperones whenever they went out together when she was young due to her mother’s strictness and so, their relationship didn’t work out. 

People can’t help but notice the variety of rings that Sunshine wears daily. She denied that any of them is an engagement ring from her boyfriend, Macky Mathay. She revealed that her boyfriend gave her three different rings, each with a purpose. One is a promise ring that he gave her on her first birthday that they were together. While the second one is an eternity ring given to her on their second anniversary and lastly, he recently gave her as a gift for her 42nd birthday last July 18. Macky believes that the rings stacked on Sunshine’s middle finger are all connected to her heart. 

Sunshine’s marriage to Cesar Montano has been annulled while Macky’s ties with his wife is still in the process of dissolution. She shared that they have no plans to get married soon since she’s enjoying her time with both her children and her career, “okay naman kami sa set-up namin, we see each other every other weekends.” She added that they’re not erasing marriage as a possibility and said, “In God’s time naman, kung talagang kami, kami talaga.

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