Roxanne to Fumiya: “I adore the guy.”

It’s been a while since celebrities started flocking to the broadcast platform, YouTube, to create a variety of vlog content. And among those who can be considered as public favourite is sexy singer-actress Roxanne Barcelo. However, there are some claiming that Roxanne is copying the style of another celebrity vlogger, Alex Gonzaga. In line with this, Roxanne explains, “I actually celebrate Alex. I’ve known her since high school. If anything, I’m really happy when people say that they want me to collaborate with Alex.” She is absolutely open to working with Alex but is just clueless on how to make it happen. And when that time possibly comes, Roxanne foresees a collaboration that’s totally hilarious and entertaining.

Roxanne says she’s having fun with being a vlogger. Her YouTube channel now has 415,000 subscribers and 9.8 million total views. And one of her most popular content is the ‘Roxanne Dance Challenge’. Of course, Boy Abunda wouldn’t want to miss the chance to dance with Roxanne herself.

Roxanne’s TWBA guesting on March 13 is full of vibrant positivity, contrary to the last one where she was evidently grieving over her father’s death. This time, she is delighted to finally grant his Dad’s last wish – for her to continue singing. The talented Roxanne has a new single titled “Questions,” now available on digital music platforms.

Plus, she’s portraying the role of Mitch on the iWant original series “Fluid” where she did a kissing scene with a female co-star, Ann Colis. She felt extremely nervous in doing the scene but Roxanne poured all her trust to Director Benedict Mique who vowed to take care of her.

Roxanne also responds to rumours romantically linking her with Pinoy Big Brother Otso ex-housemate Fumiya Sankai. Their chemistry tickled fans’ kilig when they both guested in Gandang Gabi Vice but Roxanne clarifies that they are just friends. She describes the Make It With You star as a nice guy and adorable as a doll.

The truth is Roxanne is currently dating a non-showbiz guy who she doesn’t want to introduce to the public yet.