Paolo Ballesteros, ipinaliwanag ang gender identity bilang isang “LADY”

Paolo Ballesteros guested on the August 26, 2019 episode of  Tonight With Boy Abunda  and talked about how he started his make-up transformation videos, issues about gender, his love life and his movie " The Panti Sisters ".

While others might know him from his trending make-up transformation videos online, Paolo shared that he's always been good at drawing and so, he tested out his talent in drawing when a friend sent him a video of a girl using make-up to transform herself to a celebrity.

He attempted to transform into Angelina Jolie during his first make-up transformation, but he ended up looking like seasoned actress, Eula Valdez. He revealed that his most favorite transformation was when he looked like Angelina and Julia Roberts.

"I think I practiced for three weeks, " he admitted that Beyoncé was the hardest one to imitate and transform into. Tito Boy asked him who he was underneath all those layers of make-up in which he replied, " I keep to myself, I'm just at home… quiet ." Paolo revealed that he's just like everyone else who prefers to be alone and to go straight home after a long day of work.

Paolo admitted that he doesn't believe in gender labels and was forced to answer the question about his sexuality to finally silence his haters. " I do not hide what I do ," he shared that he has always been open about his life and so, people can speculate all they want but he knows his truth and he will stand by it.

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