Nadine Lustre answers the most searched questions about her in this TWBA challenge!

The Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre is certainly aware that she’s being watched by millions of followers trying to dissect her online activities in an attempt to pick up something new and interesting about her. So, for those who are dying to dig deeper into Nadine’s life, here are your most frequently asked questions about her, answered straight to the point by the actress herself, in this TWBA “Internet Search Autocomplete” segment.

The first question is about Nadine’s Snapchat username, which she couldn’t remember because the account is not that active anymore. She only uses the program for its selfie filters while VSCO is her go-to app for editing her Instagram photos.

Nadine is 5’5” tall but joining beauty pageants is not part of her goals, despite her glam team’s consistent persuasion. She thinks that getting on the pageant stage is terrifying. And she isn’t the type who goes on a diet. Nadine can eat five times a day but she’d stop once her body signals that she’s already full. She cooks once in a while, with pasta and roasted chicken as her specialty. Stop wasting efforts trying to search how she makes her own roasted chicken recipe as Nadine refuses to reveal her secret ingredients.

There are, surprisingly, internet users asking if Nadine is related to Kathryn Bernardo. The answer is ‘no.’ She hails from Pangasinan and of Ilocana descent.

Does she have a tattoo? Yes – on both wrists. Inked on the right is a stem of rose, her favorite flower and a reminder of self-love. “When I’m looking at the rose, I feel like I am giving it to myself.” Paired with the beautiful flower is a tiny moon, on her left wrist, inspired by a line from Coldplay’s “Everglow.” She explains, “Even all those people na wala na, they still give you that ever glow. They still make you smile and make you happy kahit wala na sila.”

Nadine reveals that she auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother on that same season when James Reid got in and was named as the Big Winner. According to Nadine, she only lined up to accompany a friend. She was already under a management contract with VIVA when she received a call back.

People also ask, “Is Nadine rich?” The Kapamilya actress says she is rich in love, friends, family, and fans.  Ending the segment is the ultimate question of all, “Is Nadine Lustre married to James Reid?” Nadine certainly doesn’t want to break the fans’ hearts but she has to be honest and say ‘no.’