Nadine answers netizens’ assumptions about her | TWBA Throwback

In a TWBA interview first aired on March 2019, Nadine Lustre got to talk about her other love – Mother Earth. She is a nature-lover, influenced by growing up in a place surrounded with plants. “Growing up, I loved having a lot of plants around me. I love playing in the garden and going out. I’m very conscious about ‘yung mga kalat sa paligid and for some reason it really bothers me”.

Nadine started young in her conscious efforts to protect the environment. She believes that even her little ways, like picking up random litters in the street, will already make a huge impact. “Lahat ng kalat ko noon pinupulot ko, nilalagay ko sa pocket. ‘Pag may nakikita akong wrapper I put it in the trash can”, she said.

She also narrated a story about catching a man throwing a wrapper near the waters during her vacation in an island. Nadine, aware of the ocean’s current state and bothered by her conscience, asked the culprit to place the piece of garbage in the proper bin. “I think it’s a very big issue na sana this time alagaan naman natin ‘yung environment natin,” she urged others.

Nadine also revealed that she is obsessive-compulsive and has an inclination to cleanliness and order. Growing up without maids at home, she learned how to maintain the house at an early age. “It’s a rule before sa house namin na hangga’t mayroong plato sa lababo, hindi kami pwedeng mag-computer”.

She loves tidying up and organizing her things everyday even if they still appear well arranged. Nadine also has a habit of keeping all doors locked at all times.