“Nahiya ako eh.” Matteo Guidicelli answers some intriguing questions in this TWBA challenge!

Secrets are unravelled as Matteo Guidicelli takes on the “Guilty or Innocent” Challenge with Boy Abunda in this TWBA Online Exclusive video. To kick off the game, Matteo raised his ‘innocent’ board when asked if he has ever tried eating exotic insects. Veteran host Boy Abunda has not yet tasted such kinds of delicacies, either.

Matteo had interesting stories to share about traveling solo, something which Tito Boy has not yet experienced. Matteo sounded like a true adrenaline junkie when he expressed excitement over meeting strangers and getting lost in an unfamiliar city. He added that alone times at the airport brings a different kind of peace as well.

Both men confessed that they sometimes fire their own employees. Matteo, in fact, had to let go of a worker just two days before this TWBA interview. He explained that it was necessary in order to keep what’s best for his restaurant business. However business-minded, Matteo is too compassionate to break such kind of bad news, so he leaves the task to his business partner. “I can’t do it. My partner does it kasi hindi ko kaya baka umiyak din ako sa table,” he admits. Tito Boy, on other hand, keeps a straightforward attitude when telling the employee the cause of the termination. And he had his own stories of getting dismissed from his posts, back in the day when he used to work as a doorman in a restaurant and sell encyclopedias.

The last movie that plucked at Matteo’s heartstrings and made him cry was “The Pursuit of Happiness.” Tito Boy shared that even comedy films make him cry at times, out of too much laughter.  

Both Matteo and Tito Boy were charged ‘guilty’ for peeing in the pool. While Matteo clarified that he’s last done it as a kid, Tito Boy joked that he urinates in his home pool up to now. 

Matteo never forgets special dates like anniversary while Tito Boy does especially when his partner Bong Quintana worked as a flight attendant back in the day.

Did Matteo ever try kissing a stranger? His frank retort was, “We’ve had one night stands in the past.”

Matteo looked at Tito Boy while smiling, a sign of guilty mischief, when asked if he has ever shared the shower with someone else. “Nahiya ako,” he said, while still keeping his boyish grin. Matteo managed to sneak away from the grilling with the alibi, “I shower with my dog!”