Markus, ibinahagi ang naging pag-uusap nila ni Juan Miguel tungkol kay Janella

Another enthralling digital series, “Kargo”, is coming your way this October on the streaming app iWant.  The series, topbilled by Gillian Vicencio, Rio Locsin and Markus Paterson, tells the story of a grandmother caught in a chain of twisted events involving her granddaughter.

In his TWBA interview, Markus swears that the series will deliver not only action-packed scenes but lessons about family as well. The actor displays a glimpse of his badass character by sharing a behind-the-scene photo in his Instagram account. The post shows Markus extremely tortured, with bruises and blood all over his face.

One of Markus’ earliest projects is a hosting stint with Sue Ramirez in ASAP Chillout. The two have become good friends after the show but according to Markus, his closeness with Sue has never been a problem to his rumored girlfriend Janella Salvador. Talking more about jealousy, Markus admits he once got a bit green-eyed over Joshua Garcia, Janella’s leading man in the teleserye The Killer Bride. Later on, Markus’ feelings of jealousy was replaced by admiration for JoshNella’s great chemistry and impeccable performance in the series.

Markus and Janella have already met each other’s parents. Passion for music bonds Markus and Janella’s Dad, Juan Miguel Salvador. At times, their conversations also revolve around serious matters such as when Juan Miguel told Markus his desire to see Janella surrounded with good people.    

Weaving all the little clues together, it is plain to see that Markus and Janella draw inspiration from one another. But, the rumored couple opts to keep things private. “What we have is between us and we want to keep it that way,” Markus said when asked about the real score between him and Janella. Yet, he admits that Janella belongs to his heart.