Maja on friendship with Kim: “Wala na kaming pakialam kung may sabihin ang bashers.”

With her emphatic primetime comeback in the teleserye The Killer Bride, Maja dropped by Tonight With Boy Abunda last Monday, August 19 to talk about the first-of-its-kind gothic revenge drama, her friendship with Kim Chiu, and her boyfriend Rambo Nuñez. 

Boy Abunda challenged Maja to deliver her famous and most scathing line in the teleserye as her character, Camila Dela Torre. She revealed that she studied the material first before she accepted the role. “Iba ‘yung pain and anger ni Camila, mas malalim,” she shared that the slight similarity of Camilla and Wildflowers Lily Cruz challenged her the most since she wanted to differentiate the characters apart. Maja thanked her supporters for watching the pilot week of the The Killer Bride and for the high ratings the show gained.

A few years may have passed but the public still hasn’t forgotten about how Gerald Anderson allegedly almost ruined Maja and Kim Chiu’s friendship. Maja clarified that they have long since resolved their misunderstanding as early as when she was still together with Gerald. But she shared that it’s an unspoken agreement between the two of them not to announce their reconciliation in public. “We need to save our friendship,” Maja added that their problem was resolved through direct communication. The issue surrounding their friendship resurfaced when the both of them posted pictures of each other in their instagram accounts amid the controversy involving Gerald, Bea Alonzo, and Julia Barretto. “Dumating na po siguro sa panahon na wala na kaming pakialam kung may sabihin ‘yung mga bashers,” she shared that they finally let go of their fear of judgment and criticism and mutually decided to post pictures depicting their friendship online.

Contrary to the notion that Maja’s current boyfriend, Rambo Nuñez, is a new face in her life, she revealed that they were in a relationship for three months nine years ago. According to her, things didn’t work out due to their young age and had to sacrifice what they had for their respective careers. She shared that Rambo even came to their house to plead to her mother for a chance to talk to her. “Kung kayo talaga, kayo talaga,” Maja’s mother said to a fresh college graduate, Rambo then. Maja has a rule against getting back together with her exes but she made an exception when she fell in love again with Rambo. She admitted that she feels not only Rambo’s but also his whole family’s genuine love towards her.

She told the story of how they first got in touch with each other again after nine years. Maja’s cousins were home from New Jersey and they wanted to play basketball somewhere in Bonifacio Global City and as fate would call it, Rambo’s a member of the gym that Maja rented for her cousins. Rambo proceeded to ask her if she still had the same phone number since she hasn’t replied to a message he sent in instagram. Maja admitted that her replies were short and cold due to her rule against getting back together with ex lovers. But after a few months of texting back and forth, their relationship started to blossom in December of last year. She shared that Rambo only wanted to be friends since Maja is a close friend of his mom. But she still felt their mutual attraction to each other, “What if hindi nag-break before?” According to Maja, Rambo tried entering showbiz but eventually gave up due to its demanding schedule.

Maja refused to answer questions from netizens regarding Rambo’s possible marriage proposal in the future. “Hindi naman po ako madamot about my love life pero ‘yung mga tanong na ganyan, sana masagot ko nang sa kanya na lang,” she wants to keep the intimacies of their relationship private amid being a public figure in the media.

Watch more of Maja’s interview on TWBA in this video.