Liza Soberano: “I’ve changed so much this past year.”

Liza Soberano, who turned 22 last July 4, aims to get a good balance of maturity and youth. From reserved to strict, she now wants to become more adventurous and light. Her boyfriend and love team partner, Enrique Gil posted a birthday greeting for her on Instagram. In his message, Enrique called Liza “buang” but just to express how quirky and carefree she is. Enrique wishes that people would also see Liza’s beautiful heart instead of being too focused on her physical attributes.

The couple went Shark Cage Diving in Hawaii where Liza took a few jellyfish stings as souvenir. Yet, she still found the activity boring since the animals were too behaved.

LizQuen brings backs ‘kilig’ in primetime via their newest teleserye Make it With You. Set in the scenic Croatia, Gabo, played by Enrique, takes on a journey to real happiness. His character would bump unto Liza’s, Belinda or Billy, an OFW who would do everything for her family’s sake even if it means doing things the wrong way.

To end the episode, LizQuen seeks the TWBA fortune dice’s answer about the possibility of abundant blessings for them. The giant dice gives a ‘yes’. However, the dice delivers a ‘never’ when Boy Abunda asks about an upcoming LizQuen movie, which, of course, the pair doesn’t take seriously. They both agree with the fortune dice’s ‘never’ when asked about a marriage proposal happening this year, saying it is not yet the right time.