“Kinikilig pa rin ako.” Panoorin ang kilig challenge ng KimJe sa TWBA!

Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles are definitely a perfect match that even their OOTDs and travel photos speak so much compatibility. And there are times when they just coincidentally wear matching outfits. One of their most applauded couple OOTDs is the Halloween costume where they dressed up as Kadenang Ginto's Daniela Mondragon and her popular red luggage accessory.

The pair takes on a fun Valentine’s game to determine how much they know each other. As revealed in the Challenge, Kim describes Jerald as “masungit” while he calls her “selosa”. Kim defends her side and quips that Jerald used to be a player type. Looking back on their first meeting, Kim recalls that she was wearing a combination of gray shirt and maong shorts; while his first words were “Hi, I’m Jerald”.

Now that they’re headed to their sixth anniversary as a couple, the lovebirds reflect on the situations that put their relationship to a test. Kim and Jerald reveal that they broke up for a few months in 2017. But the event only made their hearts grew fonder, hence, the reconciliation. However, in 2018 another challenge came in when Jerald decided to include his ex-girlfriend’s place as part of his itineraries in a Europe trip. Jerald’s motive was only to end the relationship with a proper closure. All the while Jerald is in Europe, Kim was inevitably consumed with the the fear of losing him. She somewhat prepared herself just in case Jerald would choose to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, knowing that anything could possibly happen. But their love won in the end and it has just become much stronger after the series of tests.   

Kim and Jerald are currently seen in the Kapamilya action-drama series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Jerald assures that he doesn’t feel jealous of Empoy Marquez who plays as Kim’s admirer in the hit teleserye.

To end the interview, the couple takes on the TWBA Kilig Acting Challenge.